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In Miami, the successful lawyer Stacy and her colleague and friend Lauren are enjoying a party promoted by the company where they work when Stacy receives a call from her hometown Venice ...

In Miami, the successful lawyer Stacy and her colleague and friend Lauren are enjoying a party promoted by the company where they work when Stacy receives a call from her hometown Venice ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hussein J (it) wrote: I know everybody hated it but imo it was really funny. A personal favourite/classic. The plot is pretty bad, as it is spoiled in the beginning but the comedy was great

Gabriel K (us) wrote: A modern-day retelling of the classic story. Feels forced and unconvincing.

Ian S (kr) wrote: I'm not a Niel Young fan but Jim Jamrusch rules but i love Neil Young's theme for Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man

Matthew L (it) wrote: The most over the top of the Rambo films, using the then conflict of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan as its backdrop with Stallone at his most pumped up. This film is like a comic come to life, macho posturing and dialogue at every turn but ultimately its never satisfying.

Justin B (fr) wrote: Simple but heartwarming.

Bailey W (ag) wrote: King of the spiders is one of the best horrible movies I've ever seen. I would recommend this movie to anyone completely bored with nothing else to do. The story starts out with just an ordinary vet going out to check a cow that was sick. He then gets a scantest to help him figure out what is going on. Then the story stops because they never can stop the spiders once they figure out why they are so vicious. The sets and costumes seemed to be authentic. The theme behind this movie is that pesticides are bad for the environment. At the time of its release the public was outraging agents the use of pesticides because whole rivers were getting poised making everything that was living in it die. So in the movie the pesticides killed all of the spider's food and they needed to prey on humans. This movie had one redeeming quality though, that is some of its camera shots. The camera shots from the point of view of the spider were amazing. The acting was that of a 1970's movie, very, very bad. The best part of the movie was the spiders. The spiders just came out of nowhere when the camera looked away and then when it looked back there were just masses of them. They seemed to have supper speed as well as 5x toxic venom. The special effects were good for a movie back then I guess. To today's standers it was really bad special effects wise. The characters could have been smarter too. When they burned the spider hill toward the beginning they only burned the front half of it. The spiders ran out the back. The ending was one of the best parts of the movie, it just ends without any warning. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants a laugh or is bored.

Graeme H (us) wrote: Upon hearing that it was one of the many Kubrick projects that never was, it came up for a second viewing. I did not "re-survive" the first ten minutes. Fine acting from what I recall, but Brando's directorial credit is by no means Kubrick's.

Bradley K (kr) wrote: Wow! From the living tableau opening credits to the hyperbolic final confrontation, this film oozes rich colour and style. Full of Decadence and debauchery.

Allan C (de) wrote: I know this is supposed to be a classic, but I found it kind of tedious. I'm not s huge Lombard or March fan, so that probably didn't help. I'll take Ben Hecht's Front Page/His Girl Friday any day.

David S (us) wrote: Good, old-fashioned splatstick (is that a word?) horror. It's got the right mix of humor and gore to make you shake your head, but all-the-while with a smile. I wish the baddies got equal billing, as we get too much Stich Bitch and the hulking Clown, and not enough of the Chef, the Cult Leader guy, the Dentist, or Mr. Taxidermy. But, it's still mindless good times during the Halloween season.