Murder Eleven

Murder Eleven

A serial killer is loose on the streets of Atlantic City. His ten victims are prostitutes, his methods are ruthless and yet his motives are unknown. Two embattled homicide detectives, Mayfield and Jesse, are in a race against time to catch this killer. They have just a few hours to utilize all of their resources and prevent murder number eleven. But with very few leads, very little support, and luck playing against them they are in for a long night because being wrong is unforgiving and number eleven is already gone.

Ten murders, two cops, and one killer... or so they think. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas (ag) wrote: In many ways the film that I suspect that "Red Dawn" (both the 80s and 2000s versions) perhaps tried to be, in some early version of the script process, before it all became about patriotism and gun slinging. Instead, in How I Live Now, we follow Daisy, surly American teenager sent to live in the English country side (and falls in love with a local boy), just as World War III breaks out. But, in an interesting turn of events, she and her friends do not become bad ass resistance fighters. Rather, they are frightened children, caught in a war they do not understand, simply trying to survive and make it back home. Believable plot, strong acting, and beautiful use of the lustrous English countryside make for a good film.

Demetre R (nl) wrote: 8 love those dance movies. Pretty good flick. Creative styles!!!

Robert B (mx) wrote: Spiderhole (Daniel Simpson, 2010)Generic torture-porn dreck that I can't even say really tries for anything interesting. Four art-school chums (The Hole's Emma Griffiths Malin, The Illusionist's Reuben-Henry Briggs, and two newcomers, George Maguire and Amy Noble), presumably to save money on dorm fees, decide to spend a semester as squatters in an abandoned building. All well and good, unless someone-or something-is already there when you show up... the movie makes an attempt to build suspense as to who or what is offing our unrelatable, unlikable foursome, but it fails pretty miserably; there are no hooks here that will make you care one way or the other. When you can't identify with anyone in a movie because the script is doing its best to make you despise everyone in it, something went seriously wrong somewhere along the way. * 1/2

Walter M (ca) wrote: In "5 Days of War," Thomas Anders(Rupert Friend), a journalist, gets a tip from the Dutchman(Val Kilmer), a colleague, about an upcoming Russian invasion of Georgia. Bringing along his photographer, Sebastian Ganz(Richard Coyle), Anders hooks up with Rezo(Johnathon Schaech), a contact in the Georgian army who saved his bacon back in Iraq. After which, they take in a wedding which is bombarded by Russian forces and then follow that up by accompanying Tatia(Emmanuelle Chriqui) north into the path of danger in search of her missing family. Since "5 Days of War" is based on actual events, one might think the best route would have been a documentary. After seeing the havoc that director Renny Harlin wrecks with the material by almost turning it into an action movie at times, one would have definite cause to be correct. And to no one's surprise, the rest of it is not exactly subtle. While I am on the film's side in praising the heroics of war reporters in bringing news to light, especially in a conflict like this where Putin is not as heavily criticized as he should be, I think the movie's two main points are incorrect. One, I did read about Georgia being invaded in the newspaper, so obviously people did care. Two, the United States would not get involved because it did not want to cause World War III unduly, although comparing invasions would have been provocative to say the least. Otherwise, Richard Coyle hits the right gonzo notes and there is one great scene involving Rade Serbedzija and a chessboard that summarizes everything nicely.

Niki N (ag) wrote: i just liked that robert patrick was in it and rw goodwin directed it.

Christina E (kr) wrote: Boring. Somewhat good idea muddied up by bad acting, horrible editing (look for the two flash frames), and special effects that don't fit the action.

Martin O (jp) wrote: Meh, looks like they were going for a Departed style epic. But it ended up being very slow and VERY long. Everyone was good in it though

Scott R (us) wrote: A film that takes on complex issues, but then breaks them off by singing a song or dancing. The latter two were enjoyable though! Some great classics were performed by two of the greats.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: Ever made love to two dummies?An experiment goes horribly wrong turning the experiments into half men/half fish creatures. The creatures attack a small fishing village killing the men and kidnapping the females for reproduction. Can the locals band together and kill the humanoids or will the humanoids begin to take over the world? "Don't shave that shaggy mess until we fill our folds."Barbara Peeters, director of Bury Me an Angel, The Dark Side of Tomorrow, Summer School Teachers, and Starhops, delivers Humanoids from the Deep. The storyline for this picture was entertaining in a Piranhas kind of way. This was an above average monster flick as the action scenes were very well done. The cast delivers average performances and includes Vic Morrow, Ann Turkel, Doug McClure, and Denise Galik."I gotta look for my kid. I don't have time to look for phony sea monsters."I watched this off Netfflix since I am a huge fan of the genre (80s monster flicks). This was an above average overall monster flick. It is a nice addition to the genre but far from a classic like Jaws. I would recommend seeing this movie once but I wouldn't purchase it. "Hey honey, want to see my woodpecker?"Grade: C+