Murder in Mind

Murder in Mind

The L.A. police find two bodies in a fancy house and suspect the wife of one victim. Dr. Ellis, a hypnotherapist, takes her back in time; with the police listening, a pattern of spousal abuse emerges. When each trance ends, however, the woman, Carolyn Walker, wonders if those repressed memories are true. Dr. Ellis guides her through her trial, testifies himself, and continues treatment after the verdict is in. Carolyn's memory and well-being get worse after the trial, not better. She misses some therapy sessions, and Dr. Ellis comes to see her at home. Snatches of memory come and go. Can he help her remember what really happened? Are the cops satisfied justice has been done?

A woman undergoes hypnosis to determine who murdered her husband, a crime for which she is the chief suspect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff H (kr) wrote: The most was very good in the first half, unfortunately the build up wasn't there at the end. The last fight on screen is not even with Sugar Ray. That being said it is weird that the antagonist of the film is actually more likable and charismatic. Usher did an amazing job.

Jason H (es) wrote: Had a cousin who would not shut up about how great this movie was. Therefore, I have gone 4 years trying to avoid watching this movie out of spite... Really sucks because I wanted to see this movie and it looks great.

Chris F (kr) wrote: Wonderfully tacky. Looks like it was filmed with a camera-phone, but charming nonetheless. The DJ character is infuriating though.

AD V (it) wrote: A few tense and/or creepy moments but otherwise a lackluster killer kids movie with a typical and unsatisfying ending.

Terri H (ag) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Chris W (ca) wrote: Coming out after the essential flop that was Marnie, Hitch delivered once again a troubled movie that also basically flopped, and that film is this: his 50th feature.And this film really did have a troubled production. Half of the budget was spent securing Paul Newman and Julie Andrews in the lead roles, and they weren't Hitch's choices, but ones appointed by the studio. It didn't help that Hitch and Newman didn't get along all that well either. Bernard Herrmann was supposed to do the score, and fragments of it can be experienced as a dvd extra, but the studio opted for someone else, someone who could give a somewhat more upbeat score, and this essentially led to Herrmann never working with Hitch again. On top of that, the film was originally supposed to be a psychological drama told from the perspective of Andrews's character, but instead was turned into just another Cold War espionage thriller. Even Hitch called this his least enjoyable work of his own.With all that out of the way, I now give my review. While the film really isn't that good, it's not really terrible, just nothing new and generic. Despite being overlong drawn out, and uninspired, It is well shot, and the music is okay, as are the fine, albeit unspectacular performances. The Hitch cameo is quite amusing, but the real highlight of the movie is a scene that depicts just how difficult it can sometimes be to murder someone. Despite being generic, this film still manages to be quite suspense and intense at times, and that's really impressive.All in all, this film might be a low point, but it's not a truly colossal mess, though I don't recommend it unless you're a completist.

Amanda M (ru) wrote: The use of color and superimposition in this film is incredible.

Matthew H (mx) wrote: It's astounding that American Beauty was Sam Mendes's directorial debut; it is a film of awe and wonder, and is the kind of film you would expect from a seasoned director who knows how to incrporate complex themes and imagery into his/her movies. Nonetheless, it is an amazing picture about how not to judge a book by its cover, because the inside might be nasty and problematic. Its gorgeous cinematography, excellent acting, and superb direction earn its Best Picture Oscar.

Toad T (nl) wrote: Pretty bad, few good moments.

Mary P (mx) wrote: This is an uplifting movie without being saccharine. Our hero is flawed, but he pursues a noble quest. The hero's journey is transformative for himself and people around him. This is a good movie for families, but perhaps not for sensitive children under the age of 10 because of the boxing scenes.

Joey P (jp) wrote: Our era will never produce a satire as lighthearted or as poignant or as brilliant as this.

Lisa W (ag) wrote: One of the most bizarre and strangely intelligent films I've ever seen. A very black comment on society and it's expectations indeed. Darkly funny at times.

Valeria P (br) wrote: The acting and the delivery of the lines is wonderful, making the text relevant and alive. Everything else drags this movie down.

Joel A (mx) wrote: An irresistibly bad but charming Action/Fantasy from the Mid 1980's, combined with bad acting, nonsense plot & a killer soundtrack from Queen this film is a true gem.The story of a Scotsman (Played by a French Man) being guided by a Spaniard (Played by a Scot) fighting an American Villain (play by a Swiss) who gains superpowers & immortality. The joy of the film is the sheer fun it is with bad dialogue & acting.It's fun to look back on & one of the better films from the Cannon Studios & with an audience is a lot of fun to watch.