Murder in Portland

Murder in Portland

This is the third Olympia based story from Richard Anthony Films. The story revolves around a young gay boy, the son of a Baptist preacher, who has not spoken since he witnessed a traumatic murder at a very young age. He is driven from his back country home by his abusive father, and travels to Olympia where he meets a young store owner who takes him in. This is the heartwarming story of young love set in Washington state. Follow this young pair as they fall in love and through caring and understanding the young boy regains his ability to speak.

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Robert I (it) wrote: This is the type of indie comedy I normally hate, but this one actually hit points with me that stuck. It found the life moments I could relate to. But the real strength of the film is that it manages to tell a movie with double protagonists and not lose sight of either. Both Jacobs and Meester are likeable and carry the film both together and separately. Both characters have storylines that remain interesting. It was a world I enjoyed being in and left me wondering what they??ll be up to after it ended.The structure jumps around through time scene-to-scene, but the result worked for me. Less so with critics. Go figure.

Chris H (it) wrote: Riddock ****After Pitch Black then came The Chronicles of Riddock and now a further chronicle of Riddock which is simply called... well Riddock. And the title certainly doesn't mislead as it's around 35 minutes till other characters join our story. We find Riddock in a bad way left for dead in strange un humanless planet where he must fight for survival and escape. Here Riddock is forced to do battle with his deadliest foes yet strange birds, strange dogs and fair enough some really freaky swamp creatures. This is till bounty hunters arrive to take Riddock in but also provides him with his manner or escape all whilst an even bigger threat looms over everyones heads. Indeed quite a brave move for a modern blockbuster to allow 35 minutes of just it's a main character this can only work if there's charisma from the actor, intrigue in the plot and action. This is mostly achieved with Vin delivering, his attempts at survival keep you entertained including the discovery of vile watery creatures. However once the initial threats are by passed and his health returns Riddock's time is then spent hanging out with his new BBF in an unlikely bromance his got going on with a SFX space dog. I was hoping this wasn't going to become the new Tom Hanks/Wilson double act from Cast Away and luckily the plot breaks out again and off we go all the way to the end credits. Following the successful first cult film, then the over hyped disappointing last sequel Riddock is back on track and works to great effect. It succeeds by simply taking a back to basics approach an old fashioned action film in the modern, in fact very modern day if you look at the film futuristic setting. The franchise has found it's feet again, with Vin confirming Universal have asked him to start developing the next film (Which the ending implied there would be) we can look forward to another chapter and perhaps more entertaining another all singing/dancing home video by rid dock himself. Great Friday night entertainment in the form of a back to basic science fiction actioner with good old Vin still relishing his gig as the iconic cult role.

Jay B (kr) wrote: Dark, sadistic, surprising and ever so funny! Any Simon Pegg fans will eat this caper alive. Our cast plays so well together... you'll get lost.. and feel moderately more demented than when the picture started.

Sheldon N (us) wrote: I don't usually write this crassly, but seriously: OH, MY GOD!!! What the Hell did they do to "Highlander?" "Highlander II" is often held up as not only a bad film, but also as a perfect example of how to destroy your franchise. "Highlander: The Source" is way, WAY worse! It not only removes everything that made "Highlander" awesome, but proceeds to take a steaming dump all over it. The first movie was great, but it went downhill after that, and this movie represents a new low. I don't see how it can get worse than this, but I'm sure they're going to try.

Matt M (de) wrote: A young woman very much in love with her fianc is only annoyed by the fact that he wants her to remain a virgin until their marriage; she sees this as an opportunity to annoy him by going around her small town attracting and flirting with every man she sees, including his stepfather. Eccentric erotic film style as a redefinition of the light romantic comedy suit in the style of his filmmaker Tinto Brass.

Stephen E (de) wrote: "Another Woman" has a very intriguing premise that drew me right in, but being as it is basically Woody Allen's way of paying respects to some of his favorite film makers, his execution consists of a lot of borrowed elements that eventually grow tiresome. There is still good to be had though. Gena Rowlands' understated performance is so subtle that you don't notice how powerful it actually is until the very end. As well, there are some scenes of dramatic exchange that are honest and beautifully realized. Really, the best way that I can think of describing "Another Woman" is that it's stellar in some parts, uninteresting in others, but always involving and well-acted.

Lucas G (us) wrote: blah blah blah, obvious jibber-jabber. What he could have done in ten minutes, he squeezes through three movies. Don't know how I could watch them all and still be alive.

Fredrik S (gb) wrote: A beautiful and harrowing film, giving you much to think and talk about after seeing it. Mehta makes a profound statement, and entertains at the same time.

Philip S (nl) wrote: Really liked this movie. Would love to do the stage version some day. Dreyfuss is great.

Ricardo M (nl) wrote: a trilha composta por Michael Nyman contribui consideravelmente para que as cenas rodem em ritmo mesmerizante.

Matt H (mx) wrote: Elijah Wood feels a little miscast, but still does a solid job. OK thriller, lots of hard to believe moments, but still entertaining enough.

Adam B (it) wrote: This was the worst thing ever made an it hasn't a thing to do with the original Leprechaun. An as for the Leprechaun it self WOW!!! (Not in a good way) looks more like a deformed human with sharp teeth. I would say this a renter but you would be wasting your money renting this an as for horror you'll be wasting your time hoping it will scare you

Matt C (jp) wrote: Kind of cazy at times, but pretty good. One of my favorite Vince Vaughn movies. Owen Wilson gives a solid performance.