Murder, My Sweet

Murder, My Sweet

Detective Philip Marlowe is hired by hulking Moose Malloy to locate his old girlfriend that he lost track of while serving time in prison. With each lead he follows, Marlowe encounters lies, larceny, perjury, theft and a beautiful femme fatale. Based on Raymond Chandler's novel "Farewell My Lovely", which was also the film's title in the United Kingdom.

After being hired to find an ex-con's former girlfriend, Philip Marlowe is drawn into a deeply complex web of mystery and deceit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam P (es) wrote: No coherence, no real plot, atrocious cast, no chemistry, awful musical numbers, etc.

Laura T (jp) wrote: Remind me not to watch another movie set in Minnesota...the horrible accents! The acting wasn't great, either. Nor the plot...I really liked nothing about this movie.

Sean P (kr) wrote: Maybe I should been familiar with what it was based on before I watched it, but I found it boring. The actors were good, but the story was boring.

HungYa L (gb) wrote: George Clooney won himself an Oscar because of Syriana and he bloody deserved it as well. The story is very well written and reflective on geopolitics.

Caleb C (it) wrote: powerful film. worth a look.

Allison W (ag) wrote: love it! kinda sad movie.

Lee M (br) wrote: After watching Lee Tamahori's failed, cameo-studded attempt at neo-noir, one can only wonder how it attracted such an interesting array of talent.

Philip R (ag) wrote: From Universal Pictures and Largo Entertainment, Director Stephen Hopkins (Predator 2, Blown Away, Lost in Space) brings us the riveting 1993 action thriller JUDGMENT NIGHT. The film tells the story about four middle-class friends from Chicago: happily married family man Frank Wyatt (Emilo Estevez), big kid-like Mike Peterson (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), Frank??s younger brother John Wyatt (Stephen Dorff), and over-confident businessman Ray Cochran (Jeremy Piven) go on a night out on the town to a boxing match. Stuck in a heavy traffic jam en-route, the boys get off the first exit they find and to find another way to get to the match, Instead they get lost in a gang-way part of town, where they encounter four psychopathic drug dealers, led by the vicious, wise-cracking drug lord Fallon (Denis Leary), and witnessing them commit a brutal murder. When Fallon wants no witnesses, the four friends become his unwilling prey as they are mercilessly stalked by the killers throughout the hostile city streets. The film also stars Peter Greene (The Mask), rap artist Erik ??Everlast?? Schrody, and Michael Wiseman (Tim Burton??s Planet of the Apes) as Fallon??s men Sykes, Rhodes and Travis, with Michael DeLorenzo (TV??s New York Undercover) as Teddy, Galyn Grg (Point Break) and Angela Alvarado (Freedom Writers) as overprotective women Clarissa and Rita. I was five years old when this film came out, and I would never hear about it till I was eighteen. When I saw the film??s theatrical trailer on a movie website, I wanted to see it. I finally did and I enjoyed it. Sadly it didn't do well at the box office when it was released in 1,545 theaters on October 15th, 1993 with an opening gross of $4,088,955 and remained in theaters for three weeks, ending it with a total gross of$12,136,938. Although the film takes place in Chicago, half of it was filmed in Los Angeles from October 19th, 1992 to January 13th, 1993. And as you watch the film, you might recognize L.A.??s skyline in the background in some scenes like for example: a long high crane shot of the boys running one by one. For years I??ve seen Denis Leary as his usual comedic self in such films: THE REF, DEMOLITION MAN, OPERATION DUMBO DROP, SMALL SOLDIERS, and his television show RESCUE ME, his performance as Fallon was pretty intense and he played a good bad guy. Samuel L. Jackson was the first choice for that character, but dropped out to do JURASSIC PARK instead. Alan Silvestri composed the film??s score, but some of it in the chase sequences was from the 1987 action hit film PREDATOR, for which he composed for himself. With riveting action and suspense, I consider JUDGMENT NIGHT a very entertaining thriller and I recommend it to all movie lovers.

Mark S (fr) wrote: Best movie ever created

Adam E (de) wrote: ?31 Days of Horror (2011): #4

Alden S (au) wrote: 9.5 out of 10:Despite the way it ends, Saboteur proves to be an underrated Hitchcock classic with great acting and directing, an exciting climax, and a story that can get you into the film.

Arthur B (ca) wrote: One of the funniest films ever made. British humor at its best. A fabulous cast, pulling it off deadpan and hilarious. This is a must watch, again and again.

Deke P (ru) wrote: saw it in Falls Church, with Joan W and Sheetz

Jesse O (br) wrote: Man, oh man. This is gonna be quite the movie for the Men's Rights Activists (think of that absurdity for a second). It's gonna be a movie of highs and some really low lows. The highs would definitely have to be the fact that the movie takes place at this meditation retreat, where troubled women are sent to in to be rehabilitated from 'crimes' they may have committed or behavior that was deemed undesirable. In reality, the women are being brainwashed by the group of men running the place, a man and his two sons, in order to make them quiet and submissive for the outside world. So they can make a good submissive wife. So, in a way, it's like a Stepford wives mixed with a horror movie. That's what these MRAs want. They want to feel superior, they want to limit access to things that would allow their women to educate themselves and, you know, actually value their own independence without actually needing a man to feel like they're worthy. So, in some part, this film gives them what they want, at first. I do think that the concept, while not necessarily unique (again I point you to the Stepford wives), is quite good all things considered. It's good and the film has some good execution. They do a really strong job at making the villains of the film incredibly effective. While there's some obvious exaggerations here, as in they try too hard to oppress the women, I still think they're a really good as villains. They're obviously the heroes, in this case, to some people, but those people are idiots and not worth paying attention to. Robert Nolan, who plays the Doctor in control of this retreat, is really fucking good in his role. I've never seen Nolan before, as he is based out of Canada, but he was damn good here. He's got the look down pat and the condescending way that he treats the women put in his care is very dickish. He makes for a great villain. The heroines, Alexis and Janey, are both relatable. Particularly when you find out the reason behind their being sent to this retreat. Janey defended herself against an attacker and Alexis staged a pride parade. Chelsea Jenish and Sofia Banzhaf, Janey and Alexis respectively, aren't as good as Mr. Nolan. But I attribute that more to experience than anything else, but they're still fairly solid actresses. Their characters, while not necessarily the most complex, at least are fleshed-out somewhat. You're giving their backstories and what made them the women they are today, so it's not like they're just there to be killed off by the monster that's living in the woods. You grow to care for them and want to see them overcome the situations they're in while also fucking over those who attempted to brainwash them into being someone they were not, someone who would be ready and willing to submit to the first man that showed them any attention. Did I mention there was a monster too? This brings to the horror elements of the film. I don't know where to start. I'm gonna be honest and say that I legitimately did like the movie when it was just Alexis and Janey bonding and trying to find a way to escape this place. Getting to know these characters and their dealings with the Doctor and his sons are some of the best part of the movie. The horror is sprinkled here and there. You get bits and pieces that tease the monster, but it doesn't fully show up until the third act of the movie. The third act will decide, for most people, whether they liked it or not. In my opinion, while there's some good gore, the horror doesn't really add much to the film. I'm not saying that it shouldn't have been there, but the film is about Janey making sure that her voice is heard, the monster stuff feels a bit forced in there. And there's some lame scenes, where the film shows off its lack of budget. The editing during these segments aren't great either. And they try to force in a motherhood angle with the monster in there as well, as everything the monster did was in order to protect its baby that was, honestly, a little awkward. Like it all had to fit in into the same themes the film was exploring. It's not bad, but for how good the rest of the movie actually is, this third act is definitely a bit of a letdown for me. Even though the rating doesn't reflect it, I'd still say that this was a solid movie. It's just that the third act and its implementation of horror kept it from reaching a higher rating. I'd still recommend this, it's got some very interesting ideas about feminism and independence. The end result isn't without its flaws, but it's worth giving a shot.