Murder on the Home Front

Murder on the Home Front

At the height of the London blitz Dr Lennox Collins,pioneer of the new forensic science,is enlisted by DI Wilkins after prostitute Mary Williams is strangled and a swastika carved on her tongue.

Set during the London Blitz of 1940, this is a world where people live life in the moment. It is also a world where criminals can use the blackout and devastation to hide their darkest activities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kellan W (es) wrote: Man, maybe it was a product of the hype, but I found this really underwhelming. After a strong start, I became less and less enthralled as it went along. By the end I thought it was quite cheesy. I don't know. Not a bad film, but I wouldn't recommend this for a Best Picture nomination.

Ginette B (nl) wrote: I just watched the movie Population : 2.. I don't understand .. why 2 inhabitants if there is only ONE surviving... ??

Stephen C (gb) wrote: A little low budget and pacing kind of slow the movie down, but the script has a couple of sharp points and over the top moments which keep it from failing

Melissa T (es) wrote: This movie had a lot of atmosphere right up until the end, when instead of developing the plot further and tying up loose ends, they put all their stock into special effects and hoped the audience wouldn't notice that things didn't make any sense. The ending was very disappointing, but I still rate it as allright due to the rest of the movie.

Essa H (jp) wrote: I loved this movie ...the genius behind the movie is making the love story more of a piece in the puzzle :)

Melanie F (us) wrote: Intense with enough action to stay interesting.

Cthulhu B (jp) wrote: I really like Vanilla, it's pure, clean, easy to delight my tongue. This movie was missing that touch. This was a jambalaya of film. Although I find Tom Cruise a guilty pleasure (I finally watched this because it's one of the last Cruise films I haven't seen), I don't fault any of the performances, they are as written. This movie is Crowe's, from the tepid writing and the mostly horrid music(but I would like a ringtone of Cruise singing "What if God was one of us"), from the love story beginning to the weird twilight zone ending and all the meandering between. Maybe the story would have benefitted being only 42min for TV rather than 2h15min stranding people in the dark.

Blake D (es) wrote: A charming adventure film

Marianne C (ag) wrote: Seems like a recycling of many films and a waste of Ringwald and McCarthy. This supposed effort at letting them play more "grown up" parts resulted in a rather dreary story about dreary people. Kinda tedious.

Tim R (ru) wrote: Watch it again, and it will be 10x better then you remember. Except for the ending 80's music thing... except for that.

Garrett C (br) wrote: It's not completely timeless, and I found it hard to believe that someone could get mugged that much even in 70's New York, but it's impossible to not fall under the film's spell. Bronson's role is iconic; and besides the immensely discomforting beginning the rest of the film is wonderfully thrilling and provoking. Its ability to be politically incorrect about an issue that really hits liberals the wrong way is quite satisfying. I personally believe in self defense, so seeing a film that falls in line with my beliefs was refreshing. I love that Herbie Hancock did the score, that was a very pleasant surprise. This was at the same time he did the classic "Head Hunters" record, so you know it's good.

Pablo G (kr) wrote: 4/5Quite the exceptional piece of storytelling fueled by its revolutionary directing and its almost 100% quotable script.