Murders in the Zoo

Murders in the Zoo

A crazed zoologist uses zoo animals to dispose of his wife's suitors.

A monomaniacal zoologist is pathologically jealous of his beautiful but unfaithful wife Evelyn and will not stop short of murder to keep her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip C (jp) wrote: Wow! This movie is a true wakeup call, documenting how water is becoming the new oil; a resource so scarce that it is traded as a comodity and a reason to start wars to gain control over it. It shows what happens when water is no longer a right but a product that you need to buy (from Coca Cola!) to survive... The reality has become more scary than a bad James Bond movie!

Ahlaam Y (es) wrote: I like the movie and the overall acting. Quite explicit though (which I think is not really a surprise in a Korean movie). I hope to see more acting of Lee Young Hoon in the future.

Roy C (es) wrote: Scrooge with a modern spin. 'A silver-haired septuagenarian and a sparrow...'

Millo T (mx) wrote: I am glad that the director has made a tribute to this person who was so important in his youth, but it does not convince me completely.

Javier V (au) wrote: Me encant la fotografa y aunq es una peli mexicana bastante comercial (vilmente patrocinada por Jumex) es muy buena y totalmente feminista o queriendo darle a la mujer un papel mas certero en la sociedad volviendolas profesionistas y normalizandolo pero tambien como una victima de otros problemas sociales al igual que los hombres.

Blake P (br) wrote: I liked the concept behind this movie, however, I didn't like the delivery. Long, slow camera shots just didn't suit this movie very well, in my opinion. Overall, the movie just seemed to drag along at a slow pace.

Michael T (jp) wrote: This movie is just really ridiculous, but it was still very fun to watch. It kept me more interested from beginning to end, unlike John Tucker Muster Die.I also feel like I should add that there's hardly any Papi chasing.

David A (ca) wrote: (from The Watermark, 10/15/98) Holy Sh!t would have been a better title. Goldblum is the manager of an ailing home shopping network. The station has recently been sold, and Goldblum's new cranky stereotype of a boss (Loggia) assigns him a marketing specialist (Preston) to shape things up. Then Murphy appears as a wanderer on a "spiritual journey" who for no logical reason ends up living with Goldblum. Apparently desperate, Goldblum inexplicably decides to put Murphy on the air to sell products, and (surprise) he catches on. Suddenly he is the station's key to success and a national phenomenon to boot: a man who sells spirituality along with tchotchke. And he also happens to plant the seeds of romance between Goldblum and Preston. The thing that is so insulting about this film is that it completely defies every aspect of logic and common sense, and expects us to buy into it. First of all, none of the characters are at all engaging. Murphy is surprisingly uncharismatic; he supposedly hits some sort of nerve with the viewing public when he goes on the air, but nothing he says is particularly persuasive. Goldblum is barely adequate as he tries to play straight man opposite Murphy. Preston is little more than OK as the beautiful bland bombshell that catches Goldblum's eye. None of them learn anything in the course of the film, and there is little to no conflict between them. At one point, the film tries to stick in some complications by having a backstabbing film producer (Eric McCormack a/k/a Will on TV's Will & Grace) attempt to take over the station. Oddly, he is debunked and out of the picture too early, too quickly, and too easily to be of any dramatic consequence. The attempts to spoof the home shopping networks are basically a string of embarrassing cameos, including Soupy Sales, James Brown, Florence Henderson, Edie McClurg, and Morgan Fairchild. The only one who walks away with any dignity is Betty White hilariously selling a perfume that induces orgasms. It is astounding how any comedy could be so thoroughly unfunny.

Matthew N (mx) wrote: 10 on 10.This is one of the best movies ever made.Enough said.Recommend.

Lee M (nl) wrote: The onscreen action is limited, but the talk is deep. There's a constant feeling that something is going on just beneath the surface, but it's hard to conjure up just what it is. At any rate, this movie works.

Merry H (es) wrote: I Loved this movie. Sentimental and funny and dramatic all take their turns and so does the art and the beauty. Life's true story.

Zoran S (br) wrote: Cartoonish and stupid and only occasionally funny.

Bradley K (nl) wrote: A colossal misfire in terms of a franchise instalment, which is much easier to see now that we know the franchise continued, but not as worthless as the pundits make it out to be. In many way this a fascinating and ambitious project that dazzles as much as it disappoints, but ultimately the flaws are too distracting. Principally, the convoluted plot with continues to grow labyrinthine and metaphysical, secondly, the slew of ideas offensive theologians, psychiatrists and Africans, topped of by the third, Burton's totally creepy and dubious characterization of a priest who takes teenage girls to his hotel room, punches them to in order save them and then whisks them away from their families in the night?!? Sure, these things all happen in a context but it does make for an uncompelling protagonist. Final verdict: fascinating, at times glorious, but ultimately confusing and offensive. 3 out of 5 reflects the great disparities in this film.

Zahra K (gb) wrote: Cold, cutting, honest and moving. Reminded me of the Arabic film Incendies. Thumbs up.