Murphy's Romance

Murphy's Romance

Emma is a divorced woman with a teen aged boy who moves into a small town and tries to make a go of a horse ranch. Murphy is the town druggist who steers business her way. Things are going along predictably until her ex husband shows up, needing a place to stay. The three of them form an intricate circle, Emma's son liking Murphy, but desperately wanting his father back.

Emma is a divorced woman with a teen aged boy who moves into a small town and tries to make a go of a horse ranch. Murphy is the town druggist who steers business her way. Things are going ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie W (ca) wrote: There wasn't enough backstory. I didn't care about the characters and it was too slow-paced. It felt like they were trying to deal with complex issues, but never really addressed them. Instead, stuff just happens.

Kaitlyn S (it) wrote: More drama than comedy, but I liked the themes and the ending. Also Tom Hughes is f**king sexy in this

Ric D (de) wrote: Not exactly a good date movie - luckily is was just me and the Louster. My inner geek is soothed.

Dammy G (au) wrote: I actually kind of liked it somewhat.

Ryan D (mx) wrote: Another movie made about a Maiden song.

Melanie N (it) wrote: There's a lot of uncomfortable and cringe-worthy moments in this movie, but it's realistic and interesting and the acting is great.

Richard G (au) wrote: This is a fantastic, wonderful animated film with a decidedly European flavour. Unlike anything you will see from Hollywood. Magnifique!

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Very odd French film about a medical student who encounters a stranger on the train and then discovers a shrunken head in his luggage. He becomes obsessed with the head, trying to find out everything about it, the origin, who put it there, who the head is. It??s an odd tale, and at 2 hours long, it??s not a fast paced thriller, it requires a lot of patience. The acting is good, the lead does a nice job of portraying his determination and paranoia. I??ll admit, I didn??t quite follow what was going on, and the movie certainly doesn??t end with everything solved, it just sort of ends. It may disappoint a lot of people but it??s certainly a very different film with some very interesting ideas.

Kevin H (br) wrote: This film, featuring a lot of SCTV alumni never really gets off the ground but does provide an excellent vehicle for John Candy's brand of humor. With some of the more outrageous lines of dialogue I've heard in a movie and some irreverent scenes, Going Berserk could have been a classic but there is definitely something missing in the overall puzzle. Still a raunchy way to spend an afternoon if you can find it.

Jack K (br) wrote: Main character is named "Carrol Jo Hummer." Besides the obvious joke here, the name looks kind of like some secret message anagram. You know what the secret message is saying? It's saying this movie tastes like ass. A good prelude to suicide.

Mr D (nl) wrote: Other than the sequels Don has only one fight in this own, although it is an ego-action-movie. But he bones a white chick in this one. The stereotypes of white people are funny cryptoracist cryptofacist dago cop "I see your kind likes to stick up for eacother just like in Vietnam" worried about "gangs" duking it out. What a douchebag!Btw they should have made movies with the small drunk asian character Kwon instead.

Delphinus C (mx) wrote: Lovely traditional Japan, nice cinematography and visuals. The story itself hinges upon certain characters being total spaz. Therefore, it gets a bit irritating.

Maya F (fr) wrote: it gets interesting at some points, but the way it is filmed and the way it is acted is very inexpressive

Cort J (us) wrote: Waste of the talent of all involved...plays like an early 80s tough cop movie and the "hero" now just seems like a crazy jerk (and the film fails to realize this)

Jake R (gb) wrote: Reminded me a lot of Killing Them Softly, a lot of potential and a few great sequences but ultimately feels a little hollow. But, it is worth watching for the acting chops alone.

John A (mx) wrote: A gritty, hard-bitten, noir styled crime drama with some basic and effective sci-fi themes working to a great effect. An original idea that works extremely well. This film presents us with an excellent script and great performances by it's main cast, who are in top form. Of course it has it's flaws, but if it was perfect we probably wouldn't enjoy it the same. This is an excellent piece of sci-fi, that's sadly often overlooked.