Music for Weddings and Funerals

Music for Weddings and Funerals

Sara, recently divorced and mourning the loss of her only child, rents her basement to Bogdan, a Serbian musician who brings the whole band along. As she learns more about her ex's infidelity, she wonders if Bogdan's lifestyle may be preferable to the manipulative starkness of her ex that ultimately lead to his murder.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Swedish,English,Norwegian
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Sara, recently divorced and mourning the loss of her only child, rents her basement to Bogdan, a Serbian musician who brings the whole band along. As she learns more about her ex's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roger P (ca) wrote: Really slow start. This movie had potential but just was blah.

Carlos C (mx) wrote: Un documental obligado para los entusiastas del rock.

Armchair O (de) wrote: Let's face it, the world wasn't exactly missing a biopic about Linda Lovelace, the former actress who made her immortality in 1972 by becoming the star of "Deep Throat" the most profitable adult film in the history of the medium. Digging around in the trash of a celebrity has a certain level of titillation, but it's no more necessary than digging around in the sex life of Liberace (at least his story has music to fall back on). But how far have we come? Once, long ago, Hollywood made biopics about monarchs and presidents, people who accomplished things and changed the world. Now, rather than pages out of history books, we get pages out of the tabloids. You've gone the wrong way, baby!That's exactly how "Lovelace" feels. This is not the portrait of a life, but a dreary soap opera about an abused woman with a scummy husband who forced her (at gunpoint, we're told) into a life of pornography and prostitution. The problem is that this movie is all tragedy and no substance, giving us a story that might have been better suited for a documentary, which is curious because the movie comes from directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman who have made great documentaries like "The Times of Harvey Milk" and "The Celluloid Closet." Why didn't they just make a documentary? This is drama played at the level of a bad Lifetime Original Movie.Lovelace - henceforth referred to by her given name, Linda Boreman - is played in a stiff performance by Amanda Seyfriend, an actress of breathtaking beauty who has yet to find a role that proves that she is more than just photogenic. She plays Boreman as a wounded saint, a Little Girl Lost who is pushed and bullied and manipulated by her husband so much and so often that we never feel that there was another note to her personality. Her performance is made up of wide-eyed petrified looks wrapped up in period clothes.The movie hits the bulletpoints of Boreman's life without examining any of them. She was born Linda Boreman in Brooklyn, New York in 1949 under domineering parents, and then uprooted to Florida where she had a baby by age 19. In the aftermath of giving up her child, she met Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard), who initially seemed like a nice guy, but turned out to be a slimeball who (she said) got her involved in the porn world against her will. He even sold her into prostitution to get himself out of debt. Sarsgaard is a good actor whose range here moves from creepy nice guy to desperate pervert with an unnerving slow burn.Most of the movie follows Boreman's volatile relationship with Traynor. The film's first half of the shows a loving relationship that builds between him and Boreman. Then, the second half rewinds the clock and tells her side of the story in flashback, this time containing the more realistic bits of his control over her every move. You can't help but feel pity for Boreman, but knowing the rest of her story, when she renounced the industry, divorce, remarried and had a child, you can't help but feel that there was more to her story than just sex and being slapped around. Her life away from Traynor, and her famous interview with Phil Donahue, are handled in a few brief scenes, but you get the feeling that this is where the film's second act should have begun. The film wants us to understand the circumstances that took Boreman from porn star to anti-porn feminist but it wallows in the glow of her early profession with lots of soft light and nudity. Epstein and Friedman wallow in the decadence of a lifestyle they are trying to renounce.The problem with telling the story of Linda Lovelace is that there really isn't much to tell. If "Deep Throat" has been a flop, no one would care or even remember her. The only way to tell this story would be to portray the 70s porn chic world that surrounded that movie as Paul Thomas Anderson did with "Boogie Nights," which showed the glamour and the superficial hedonism of an era in which the morals of America were slipping so fast that porn was threatening to become mainstream. The story of the film's impact was also told much better in the 2005 documentary "Inside Deep Throat," which wasn't a great movie but offers more insight into that world than is portrayed here. What we get in "Lovelace" is an exploitative portrait of misery and despair that ends with Linda becoming a feminist. Yet, that transformation comes as a momentary revelation. Screenwriter Andy Bellin misses the journey that got here there.

Leonardo Malacay S (ca) wrote: un espa encubierto con dos hijos que son expertos en artes marciales se vern enfrentados al pasado del padre

Timothy J (nl) wrote: The movie is funny in general, but The Rock as a gay bodyguard, priceless.

Rachel N (mx) wrote: If you read the plot you must be thinking it's worth watching. Trust me, it blew.

Aaron W (ca) wrote: Cool debut feature film from Gyorgy Palfi. With gorgeous photography and practically no audible dialogue Palfi unfolds a strange story of mass murder in a small town. For a concept that could've easily been unbearably boring, the pacing in this film is exquisite. The only issue I have with it is the use of CGI. It's minimal, but the photography seems so nature-centric that when a poor CG jet flies out of nowhere it doesn't really seem to fit and is somewhat jarring.Other than that minor qualm, it's a great film and I highly recommend it along with Palfi's other feature, Taxidermia. He's a very interesting new director and I look forward to seeing his future work.

David P (kr) wrote: Just as good as the original.

Dewey F (ca) wrote: The Best Thriller (imho). Sndtrk w/ Primus, White Zombie, Butthole Surfers, and Mudhoney.

Emily E (ru) wrote: I love old silent horror movies, but this one fall short...

Aj V (br) wrote: A fun college themed movie, one of the best from 1980. The story deals with a scavenger hunt, so it's both a comedy and an adventure. I loved it.

Dimitri P (jp) wrote: Same comment as Beta House.

Will G (fr) wrote: A cool concept but you can almost hear the director dictating ridiculous creative decisions. Too flashy, too bright and thus, too corny. Quite entertaining but if you're a fan of quality cinematography, you may want to cover your eyes.

Matthew P (ag) wrote: A tired string of comedy pilots sewn together into one haphazard movie.