Must Have Been Love

Must Have Been Love

A Finnish-Norwegian love story with an unexpected shape and development. Shot in Oslo, Helsinki, Istanbul and Berlin. The film focuses on showing the actual moments that lead to getting to know one another, building a relationship and to breaking up. The film takes part in Kaisa’s attempt of getting involved with two different men that look almost exactly the same, questioning where the thin line is between someone potentially being the love of your life or not. Shooting the film with the approach of a workshop and closely involving the actors allows the film to take shape as a unique, unpredictable cinematic expression touching the basis and complexity of human behavior.

On holiday in Istanbul Kaisa meets Jacob and she falls head over heels in love. The day after Jakob leaves back home, without Kajsa even knowing his last name. Some time later they meet up again, but Jakob doesn't remember their fling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse G (mx) wrote: A solid movie on all fronts.

Alex B (ca) wrote: It's over-exaggerated, but has good action.

Cynthia S (it) wrote: I actually liked this nice, touching, thought provoking little film. Made me smile at the end, and I like when movies do that. I really liked the scene where they set the boat free. There was something very comforting about that. Maybe I should try it....

Ryan M (ca) wrote: An interesting character study. You as a viewer are giving enough to understand and appreciate the characters while still having room to interpret there story. A strong watch!

Simon S (au) wrote: Ray Liotta / Thriller

Arash B (de) wrote: Since I really liked The Eighth Day I decided to check this one & I liked this even more than that, I just disliked the ending otherwise a wonderful movie

Bily T (nl) wrote: Cars is not the best idea Pixar has done but it's not the worst idea they have came up with. The film has a few things that make it good like the animation, a few of the characters, the music & songs, the cast is alright and some of the jokes in there are good.The downsides to this film is once again the villain which is the character Chick I feel like they wanted to make him a big douche bag if that's what they were going for then great job Pixar. And also that a idea of a world where everyone is a car, a pit stop car, truck, a boat or a plane is not a very creative idea. And the one thing that disappointed me was that it was directed by John Lasseter the same guy who did the first two Toy Story's and A Bug's Life it's shocking to say the least. Don't make me wrong I do like this film I just think if they added a bit more to it the film would be higher up on my list of favourite Pixar films then again all of them are my favourites.Anyways aside from the problems this film had I still like the film but not as much as the other Pixar films before and after this movie. I give Cars a 7.0 out of 10 not the best that Pixar has done but not the worst they've done as well.

Justin P (us) wrote: a very good look at this portion of greek mythology.

shai l (jp) wrote: Sinbad looks like he can be a part of The Bee Gees. I sure loved it when I was a kid, but should have just remain as a memory. The monsters reflect the late 70s craze with pseudo-sciences and aliens, especially the skeletal aliens and the alchemist part.Jane Seymour's too British and too skinny to be an Arabian princess.

Bavner D (ru) wrote: "The LEGO Movie" menghadirkan sebuah tontonan beralur cepat yang dikemas dengan sangat kreatif, cerdik, dan menarik. Walaupun belum sempurna, setidaknya film ini mampu menyulap penonton lewat keceriaan, komedi, hingga tampilan dunia LEGO yang begitu mengesankan. Awesome!

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