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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1926
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Musume torrent reviews

Adrian B (mx) wrote: Bizarre movie that I cannot even explain the point what it's all about apart from avoid. Only positive is the cool as ever Keanu Reeves

Isaac P (mx) wrote: Surprisingly thought provoking and technical. It is a roughly shot and dense movie, but if you go in expecting to think, it is rewarding.

David A (ca) wrote: Pretty good for a straight to DVD slasher, although some of the characters just seemed bored when the killer was after them. It kept me entertained, though.

Andrew O (br) wrote: Sometimes an unmanageable mess of a movie, but when it's at its most entertaining and eye-popping, it's hard to complain.

Colton M (es) wrote: Call it nostalgia but I love the shit out of the movie.

armand e (ca) wrote: its the Salma-Nator!

Lloyd H (jp) wrote: This film is bad on a complete different level. Apparently Steven Seagal said he would only appear in 'Under Siege 2' if Warner Bros funded this film, his directorial debut. If this is true, why did Warner Bros agree? Steven Seagal has always been passionate and opinionated about how much he cares and worries about the environment. He has tried to send a message of world pollution in the form of mindless action and explosions. The whole concept is flawed and contradicts itself repeatedly. Some of the scenes in this film are truly bizarre and the messages are so weakly demonstrated. The aikido sequences are great but the way they're fitted into the plot is ridiculous. The acting and dialogue is some of the worst I've ever seen and one massive question that has to be asked is, why is Michael Caine in this film? He's a legend but this film is embarrassingly bad and his performance is arguably the worst of all. His accents are all over the place and he sounds different in every scene. There's barely anything good about this film bar the trademark aikido sequences that have been seen so many times before. The mash concept of the environment and action makes no sense, but Warner Bros went on to fund other Seagal projects similar to this (Fire Down Bellow/The Patriot). Both films are even worse than this. This is Seagal's career hitting rock bottom and beyond rectification. I think the only person who could of enjoyed this film is Steven Seagal.

Steve S (kr) wrote: It's so flashy and colorful and the songs are great. The cast is great. There is little exposition because the plot is advanced through the songs. I even liked seeing all the old cars.

Maxime C (us) wrote: Brings out the little things in life and reminds how friendship and love sometimes requires a lot of work, but also sometimes end up to be worth the extra mile. Great movie, would watch again.

Craig W (gb) wrote: If I wasn't married, I would have never seen any of these!