Mutande pazze

Mutande pazze

Four ambitious women are ready to do anything to make a name in show business. The translation of the Italian title is "Mad Underpants". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris F (mx) wrote: Blair Witch tries to reinvent the found footage genre, but falls victim to too many cliches in the genre. The actors in the film surprisingly aren't terrible. They weren't Oscar-worthy, but they are fine in their roles. I am a big fan of director Adam Wingard. I loved You're Next and The Guest. He does some interesting things with the film towards the end. But there are too many false jump scares. Also, the film features too much just running and screaming. It lacked anything truly scary. The film mostly follows the same path as the original. When it strays from it, it becomes entertaining. Unfortunately, it doesn't do that often. The film is also very slow in the beginning. It's expected, but I wished it would've picked up quicker with something scary. Overall, the film isn't terrible. The acting is fine, and the film features some good scares towards the end. But the film follows the usual cliches. They prevent the film from standing out from the pack. This is a disappointment, but not a complete failure. There are much worse films out there. But the film just doesn't satisfy.

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Shuo L (au) wrote: better than the 1st in 2008

Claudio K (kr) wrote: Excelente filme, eu recomendo.

Wesley S (it) wrote: Wow..... What else can I say?

Doug J (es) wrote: I'm being kind giving this 2.5 stars. It's long, builds slowly, and is a complete and utter exercise in tragedy. However, the acting and sets are on point.

Crystal E (ru) wrote: It wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Too much romantic artsy drama for my liking. Interesting, watchable, but just not my cup of tea.

Greg P (nl) wrote: Decent movie with a decent premise. I think that the whole guy playing on the girls' tennis team was a little far-fetched as someone would notice or suspect something if the team does that good. Steven runs into the usual problems of a character pretending to be the other gender.

Anna B (kr) wrote: Enjoyable as a series of rambling comic monologues by the Sensei, though by the halfway point the absurd amount of hero-worshipping started to get on my nerves (the moustache-twirler who tried to buy the block of land was one big eye-roll). It's nice as the sentimental final film of a very old man, but if someone else had made this movie I don't think anybody would have even noticed it existed.

Harry S (mx) wrote: grave digga jnes is the balls

Stephanie F (ag) wrote: Fun, clean movie - any excuse to watch Cary Grant is a good one.

Catherine W (de) wrote: A nod to some oldtime comedy

Peter A (fr) wrote: One of those old movies that despite their simple plot are just amazingly fun to watch.

Kelly K (es) wrote: A touching story about bringing one family together using the magic of Christmas.