The greedy Braylon owns the Just Rite Sugar Company and has hired the unethical scientist Sergei to conduct an experiment to make an addictive sugar stronger than heroin or nicotine to increase his sales. Sergei uses invisible people as test subjects, like beggars, addicted junkies and illegals, in the clandestine Shadow Rock Mill. When Braylon's men mistakenly kidnap Ryan, who is the brother of his secretary Erin and son of his security chief Griff, and Hannah, the youngster becomes an important non-contaminated subject. However, Erin receives some mysterious e-mails from the unknown Cinderella with a picture of Ryan and a hint that he might be in Shadow Rock and together with her father, they decide to seek out Ryan.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sugar,   military,   blood,  

The greedy Braylon owns the Just Rite Sugar Company and has hired the unethical scientist Sergei to conduct an experiment to make an addictive sugar stronger than heroin or nicotine to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Mutants torrent reviews

Li An B (nl) wrote: Sorry, Joe. You played a shallow character well. I want my hour and 30 mins back considering it's just a story about nothing worth watching.

Kilroy M (ag) wrote: I can't believe one "Super Reviewer" thought this movie was straight. The directors tongue was about as far into his cheek as he could get.I thought this was a fun movie. Not "amateurishly made" as the Boston Globe reviewer suggested. The gore is a little over the top. I have never nor will I ever have any desire to see severed penises, peni, or what ever the plural is. Her last victim is the most satisfying, and disturbing. If you look at Dawn's face in the many stills on site, you can see this little girl has some acting chops.When I was a dweeby little kid, I was afraid of STD's. Thank God this movie wasn't around then or I might still be a virgin!

James V (br) wrote: I thought it was impossible for a zombie movie to be incredibly boring, but this movie proved me wrong.

Grant S (au) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie and it started well, but after a while the plot got rather disjointed and full of gratuitous melodrama. Good idea, poorly written and directed.

Dane P (de) wrote: This movie is unique it has an overall trashy look but not easily reccomended

Sam M (de) wrote: Enjoyable visuals, decent storyline/script.

Diego B (br) wrote: Un peliculn... Larga, s, pero son 5 horas de muy buen cine, de ese que ya no hacen. Excelentes actuaciones, filmografa y direccin.

Andy P (ag) wrote: Slow and beautiful. The essence is the story.

Daniel G (jp) wrote: The first Bond film! There's some great ground work done by not only the director but Mr. Connery. Bond himself feels a bit more like a private eye then a 007 agent in this one though.

Addie A (au) wrote: I loved Honey! Beautiful scenery! A complaint for these older movies is the character of James Bond and his treatment towards, like, women. Probably a symptom of the times...

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