Muthyala Muggu

Muthyala Muggu

A boy and a girl decide to bring their separated parents back together. To do that they must overcome a devious villain who masterminded their separation.

A boy and a girl decide to bring their separated parents back together. To do that they must overcome a devious villain who masterminded their separation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake J (jp) wrote: A fantastic animated film with an all star cast!

Lucie F (de) wrote: Srio candidato a pior filme que vi em 2015. Esta stira a comdias romnticas s no mais chata que O Crtico, mas constrangedora. OK, confesso que dei uns risinhos (a cena do jantar na casa dos pais muito boa). O elenco tem um monte de gente bacana, mas a maioria muito mal aproveitada. J as referncias a When Harry Met Sally e You've Got Mail so to foradas que d vontade de bater nos roteiristas - uma injustia Nora Ephron, ela merecia pardia melhor.

Reshma M (kr) wrote: please make me seeeeeeeeeeeee..................................................

Topher b (gb) wrote: What do you know of hell, creature!?!? I hope to god that Rifftrax makes this their next top priority. This movie is so bad it's brilliant. Hallelujah!

Calib M (gb) wrote: David Lynch's most deviating film of his regular type of movie making is called ''The Straight Story'' and wow what a moving, gorgeous, extraordinary, emotional, American odyssey this one is. Because the film was directed by David Lynch, who usually deals in the bizarre, we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop--for Alvin's odyssey to intersect with the Twilight Zone. But it never does.''The Straight Story'' is astonishing in how simplistic, yet deep it is. Everything about Farnsworth's performance is brilliantly simple, just an old american trying to visit his brother before it's too late, and because he's not allowed to drive, he decides to drive cross country on a lawn-mower with a max speed of 5 miles an hour. This seems like a melodramatic plot to a cheesy movie, but keep in mind, this is based on a true story, and it handles the material perfectly.Following that notion is how simple but incredibly heartfelt the screenplay is, with simple characters saying things like: ''What is the number for 9-1-1?!'' or ''What do you need that grabber for Alvie?, Alvie answers: Grabbing'. '' but this screenplay also includes some philosophical, deep and meaningful dialogue like when Alvie tells a story to another war veteran about the war, or a little game he used to play with his children (i dont want to spoil anything, but you'll know what i mean when you'll watch it) and there are many more scenes like that.''The Straight Story'' is a straight-forward movie that's simple and easy to follow, unlike previous Lynch movies, but Lynch does make this story his own by using imagery and metaphors while shooting this movie. For example the people Alvin talks to, the first he talks to is a young runaway and he tells a story about how many kids he's had and how many grandkids, then he talks to a bunch of adolescents, then to an old war veteran in a bar, then to a pastor in a cemetery, all before his journey ends and visits his brother Lyle. Also the landscapes he drives through start of by being green, full of life, and sunny. But slowly digress into darker imagery, a girl hitting a deer before his eyes, him almost crashing down a hill because of the weakness of his lawnmower, and talking to a pastor on a cemetery. (You see/get the idea right) But the plot is so simple, yet so brilliant and dualistic, the clues in this to why Alvin Straight is REALLY going to see on his brother on his tractor, are delivered with a degree of subtle high-art that even most reviewers of this film missed, but to give a hint... Runaway Girl (aka Dorothy from Oz invoking "no place like home" to start the journey) = Human Birth Deer-strike Lady = Human Ambition (with the leering deer symbolizing that which is lost in its wake) Tractor Brakes/House On Fire= Lynch's explanation of what REALLY VERY close attention to that scene. The Handymen Dialogue= Human Honesty (as a result of the above) Bartender Scene= Human Accomplishment Graveyard Scene= Impending Mortality Dead Engine Short Of Destination= Deserved Punishment (notice how Alvin accepts this knowing he has earned this fate) and finally, I feel the greatest moment in the Lynch film... Old Man On Tractor= God Camera Pans Away= Dignity Of Private Confession Immaculate Repair= Sins ForgivenThe Straight Story is a G-Rated masterpiece.(Tip: before viewing, bring a box of tissues because, man, this film will tear you up. Multiple times. e.g The ending with his brother... yes... the bar scene with the two aged characters talking about the war... yes... Rosie's story of losing her kids... yes... Really, anytime Straight talked about his life or extended his thanks for someone's courtesy... yes, it had me crying)All in all ''The Straight Story'' is an absolutely beautiful film, and a hidden gem in Lynch's filmography overshadowed by his magnum opus'.''The Straight Story'' is anoverlooked and forgotten masterpiece.

Simon W (mx) wrote: Good aussie romantic commedy. Bit cliched, but a lot of fun.

Yane R (mx) wrote: Hilarious...I like it...

mirabella 1 (kr) wrote: All of the Carry On films get 4 or 5 stars from me.They have been a much-loved part of my life ever since I can remember.

Cee C (mx) wrote: This is dumb, why would you even think about cheating when you have a wife as gorgeous as Jenna Fischer.

bill s (it) wrote: Few actors can carry a movie by their shear personality....Clint can but a great supporting cast helps as in this movie,and its gold.

griffin d (gb) wrote: I think This movie gets a bad wrap because it's not as action packed as most of the other Star Trek movies are. A lot of people find this movie boring, and I can understand where they're coming from, but, personally, I love Star Trek: The Motion Picture, maybe even more than Wrath of Khan (Yup, I said it). Maybe it's because before I saw it I heard from a critic that liked the movie that he saw this as Star Trek's answer to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and maybe I saw it the same way. So if you the reader have never seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Think of it like Star Trek's answer to 2001: A Space Odyssey. The movie does have a few things that bug me, though. There are a handful of VFX shots that are VERY dated, and the costumes are not at all what they were in the show. That is pretty much it for me. I would totally recommend this one.

Steve G (es) wrote: I don't agree with most critics that this is the best of the Rathbone Holmes'. But it is certainly ONE of them. Among the Top 5. LOVE the dark Canadian ambiance.