Thiago slowly loses his childhood innocence through life's hard lessons.

Thiago lives with his family on an isolated farm in the arid backlands of Minas Gerais, Brazil. As the story unfolds and Thiago is forced to confront separations and betrayal within the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eno Z (nl) wrote: A realistic journey around Jupiter.The first half of the film seemed unnecessarily confusing (did not need use as many time jumps). But when the plot begins to settle down and go filling in the gaps, we find a great movie very attached to scientific guidelines we know so far.This film gives us a chilling trip into one of the most striking Jupiter's moons.Note that the characters are not very attractive. However the story unfolds in a captivating environment full of mysteries.Most notable are the images so well achieved Jupiter and its moons. This film is a journey that every lover of science and astronomy should do.

mpilar b (de) wrote: Don't understand that woman (Ashley). Those girls are being exploited and she acts as if she's got nothing to do with it.

Rickey S (it) wrote: "cliched script" ? hahahahaha. I won't apologize for the US's military kicking ass, even if my current President thinks that's the way to go. I'm pretty sure I'm going to watch this movie on Veterans day , every year, for the rest of my life.

Tania H (br) wrote: A bit lame but have a meaningful message behind the story.

Dawni C (de) wrote: Excellent Dancing, but lacked otherwise. Wanted more from this film

Steve H (gb) wrote: I was really enjoying this....but i must have missed something, because i just don't understand the ending. We were approaching a Great film here. This reminded me of 'Sleuth' (1972), where Michael Caine and Lawrence Olivier played cat and mouse games.....'Una Pura Formality' doesn't reach that dizzy level of genius....and it hasn't lots of twists and turns. This movie is like a stage play where the tension between Depardieu and Polanski reaches high levels of fascination. Even though i watched this in ITALIAN instead of hearing the actors in their proper French (with English subs ), i was still marveling in the dialogue and sparring between the main characters. I believe the film deserves a higher rating than just Good....but that will have to do until i figure out the ending.

Kyle M (gb) wrote: A sweet tale that was very well-performed. (A-)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

David B (ru) wrote: Timeless. What a conversation!

Geoff B (au) wrote: When I was young...around 14 years of age, I thought this was the best movie I had ever seen. I peronsally like any movie that Michael Caine stars in.

Randomique J (us) wrote: I'm soooo watching this

Dano S (us) wrote: Kill me now before I watch other movies like this...

sari p (ca) wrote: Actually i've seen the movie on tv cable, but just a glimpse of it, i'll make an effort next time to watch it fully.. ;p