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in 1969, Sawada (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is filled with idealism that permeated that era and starts working as a gonzo journalist for a weekly magazine. Two years later, Sawada interviews ...

In 1969, Sawada is filled with idealism that permeated that era and starts working as a gonzo journalist for a weekly magazine. Two years later, Sawada interviews activist Umeyama with senior reporter Nakahira. Umeyama boasts that his group will steal arms and take action in April. Sawada doubts Umeyama's claims but is attracted to his personality. An incident occurs... Sawada hears news that a man was killed at a army post... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eve F (de) wrote: Proof that you can't always go by what the critics say. Heartfelt and great acting from the all star cast. Will Smith in particular, in one stand-out scene delivered the best acting performance he's ever done

Kaustubh H (mx) wrote: One thing I have gathered from Manish Sharma and the new era of Yash Raj Films is that they have taken their old school concept of romantic love stories and turned it inside out. Like Band Baaja Baaraat and Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, Shuddh Desi Romance is a refreshing romantic comedy that challenges the Indian orthodox mindset in a very subtle, comic yet strong way. Sushant Singh, Parineeti and Vaani fill in their characters very naturally as does Rishi Kapoor. The movie casts away the prototype sentimental latter half which is usually the case in other films and keeps the mood light throughout the film. The void however lies in the way the issues of marriage and commitment are tackled. Though the movie puts forward some ideas worth thinking about it is still very blunt handed in its treatment of the idea of commitment. Maybe it just goes a bit overboard in labeling marriages as a nonsensical ritual. Nevertheless it is finally a film and a film which keeps you entertained and provides food for thought. Take the nicer ideas from this but don't become a radical!

Daniel P (de) wrote: The Monuments Men largely wastes a fascinating true story and an a-list cast on a boring, slow movie that's severely lacking in conflict and tension, and whose attempts at inspiration often come across as pretentious.

Khaled H (es) wrote: hilarious super funny

Jackie T (br) wrote: Loved it!!! I adore Diane Keaton and any movie where the whole cast isn't in their 20's. LOL!

Simon D (it) wrote: The main character in this film is clearly meant to be Kurt Cobain, he looks exactly like him and wears all of the same clothes and he's in a band and depressed. I just don't know why Van Sant would want to make a work of fiction giving us an alternative ending to Cobains life. Perhaps that is what we have to figure out. The film is generally pretty boring and the title sort of gives away the ending.

Jack C (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie its showed that racism is still a prt of society today no matter what people say otherwise.

Ethan P (us) wrote: The thrilling race and battle scenes make up for any of Hidalgo's faults.

Brian P (nl) wrote: Extremely boring. Do not bother watching, absolute waste of time.

Ethan P (fr) wrote: Sarcastic, but also sweet, Happy Gilmore is a funny and entertaining Adam Sandler film with plenty of juvenile comedy and ridiculous characters.

Timothy M (gb) wrote: Disappointingly limp work from Wilder; cynical but with no bite. From one point of view, it could be looked at as a comical version of Double Indemnity, except it's not especially funny (but a direct reference is indeed made). Even Lemmon isn't particularly interesting, but what buoys the whole show is Walter Matthau, delivering one of his best performances. He's on fire here, and he invigorates proceedings whenever he's on screen. A well-deserved Oscar win for him, but overall disappointing otherwise. I'm not overly excited by what I'm seeing of later Wilder, but I do hear good things about The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes...

Ryan D (de) wrote: Everybody that thinks George Clooney is so great and should get an Oscar every time he farts, should check out this jewel.

(kr) wrote: Absolutely the best musical film.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: George Hilton is several steps behind an elusive kidnap-murderer--Thrilling and thoroughly interesting giallo!!

Sunny W (de) wrote: My favorite. A science fiction trip to mars in 1980 that is a musical! This is a must see absurd - trip if you can find a copy. Lovely, art deco sets. Futuristic guesses about the 80s ala 1930, including the hand dryer, the video phone, and the pill instead of dinner. And of course, everybody has their own airplane! Great pre-code fun.

Victor S (jp) wrote: Si normalmente no hago demasiadas criticas positivas ultimamente es porque el cine actual da bastante asco, asi q de vez en cuando tengo q echar mano de algun clasico para desintoxicarme de tanta mediocridad. Es el caso de "un gangster para un milagro", la ultima pelicula del gran Frank Capra, ya sabeis, el culpable de emocionarnos todas las navidades con "que bello es vivir". Puede q no este al mismo nivel que aquella, pero desde luego esta a aos luz de las inmundicias q se hacen ahora. Ademas Es una buena oportunidad de ver al recientemente fallecido Peter Falk (colombo) en una de sus mejores interpretaciones (nominado al oscar al mejor actor secundario).