My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette

Omar, a homosexual Pakistani boy living in London with his alcoholic father, lifts a chunk of drug money from another Pakistani and, with his lover Johnny, decides to renovate a grungy laundrette.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English,Urdu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mistress,   dancing,   racism,  

An ambitious Asian Briton and his white lover strive for success and hope, when they open up a glamorous laundromat. But, unfortunately, various social forces threaten to compromise their success. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd B (ca) wrote: This was based on a book, and perhaps the book answered the question: HOW? I wish the movie would have, as it would have been much more satisfying.

Ulises E (kr) wrote: Same as the first one, reminding me of the ongoing social dilemma in the cities.

Fred V (gb) wrote: This beautifully made, lovely film is funny, touching and made with both love and positivism. Although almost everything is the whole film is quite predictable and the characters all lack depth and finesse, it's the swell kind of predictability that simply works. For instance, you know from A to Z the fat guy is gonna end up with the ugly yet interested girl, yet their romance development remains interesting to look at. You'll see the one-dimensionality of each character and simply decide to ignore it, because the characters are still fresh, vibrant, alive and well-meant. The bad guys remain bad guys, the good guys remain good guys and a few well-placed interesting twist and turns do the rest. It's heartwarming and believable. A must-watch!

George K (de) wrote: I love it...deep philosophical movie...

Alex S (fr) wrote: Rabbit Hole is a somber look into tragedies and the human response to them and John Cameron Mitchell is able to craft, with the help of it's two excellent stars, a movie that is brutally realistic and one that latches on to your emotions and never lets go.

Gabriel K (au) wrote: A great unique film whose strength is its simplicity, yet depth.

RiP M (us) wrote: Sublime, pitch-perfect Hardy adaptation contains not a wasted moment or misstep. Will linger like a plaintive, haunting ballad of love gone wrong.

Scott A (ag) wrote: Movie was really old and super boring. The leeches are like big humming garbage bags with white paint. Mostly filmed at black and white...hard to see a lot.

Kate M (fr) wrote: Not that great, compares to the original animated special.

Luciano G (jp) wrote: If you're a die-hard Katie Holmes fan , then this might be worth a watch... for everyone else, if you've seen the trailer, you've already seen the best parts...

Denise S (ag) wrote: This is my favorite Halloween type film. I don't watch scary movies, I watch comedies. And what's not to love in this? Tom Hanks. Carrie Fisher. Bruce Dern. Cory Feldman. Henry Gibson. The list goes on, terrific actors all, giving very funny performances of a delightfully droll script. The director is on point at every turn. I am surprised this movie isn't considered a cult classic. It really should be.

Indu R (au) wrote: I really liked this movie. It was dramatic for a cop drama. The acting and the plot were good in this movie. The action was good in this movie.

Jamie J (jp) wrote: After watching Horns you will probably have a remarkably bleak thought, if you could would you really want to know your loved ones most innermost thoughts? Would you want to realise inevitably what a bunch of self centred arse hats they are in a universe such as this?Probably not. But that is besides the point, Horns is a deliciously grim fairy tale in modern times, furthering Daniel Radcliffe's case as a serious actor beyond the Harry Potter hyperbole. If you watch this expecting a full on horror experience you will be bitterly disappointed, however if you expect something more akin to Pan's Labyrinth or the more recent Crimson Peak you will most likely find a fair amount of enjoyment here. The end game may well be a tad generic after such a unique set up, but letting that spoil the experience would just be splitting horns. I mean hairs.

Brett H (it) wrote: Eh. JGL was the only reason I watched this as I've never been a fan of any of the other stars (especially Diane Lane), and it was pretty forgettable. Not much happens and there's only one surprise you know is coming, you just don't know "when" it's coming.