My Best Bodyguard

My Best Bodyguard

Here we are in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. A new virus is about to emerge, a virus that could kill the whole nation in the blink of an eye. The information of the virus is sent to Nicha, a famous news reporter from Thailand. The closer she gets to the truth, the more she is in danger.

Nicha has found that Thai citizens have been used as lab rats to test an antidote for a virus created by a drugs company. Nicha must find the victims before it's too late. She's hunted by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taylor D (it) wrote: UMMM EXCUSE ME 73% WHAT THE FUCK ITS LIKE 192902999% IN MY BOOK?!

Brad S (br) wrote: My Updated Review on 2nd Viewing (4 stars):My first viewing of this film left me a bit dazed and confused. I knew I absolutely loved the cinematography. I knew I loved Matthew Goode's performance. But the seemingly random mash-up of the editing left me conflicted. Now, a few years later upon a second viewing, I really see the brilliance in this film and the techniques used to tell this story. It's a very smart, detailed and complex interwoven set of events and emotions edited together to explore the different aspects of the grieving process and echo how human memory works. The majesty of the editing really comes especially in the pairing of some of the most difficult with the most amazing memories. I think the film plays so much better on repeat viewings because once you get past just understanding what the story is the first time, then you can explore the myriad dynamics of the details that really make this movie special. Definitely a film to have on a regular, repeat viewing cycle.My Initial Review (3.5 stars):One of the most visually breathtaking movies I've ever seen. The cinematography and production design are perfect. Every single frame of this film is a piece of art, meticulous in its detail like in a Malick film. The performances from Matthew Goode, Bojana Novakovic and Jack Heanly (as the young son Oscar) are spectacular. Goode lives up to his name to say the least and provides the emotional core of the movie. The main thing keeping Burning Man from sizzling on screen like no other is the messy jigsaw-like non-linear editing. I felt like the Director lost a lot of emotional depth and caring for the characters by chopping their narratives up in such a disjointed manner. It wasn't until halfway thru the movie that I started to understand what was really going on. But every time the story started to build, it went in a different direction and lost its steam. I still really liked the story overall, and I wanna revisit it down the road in a year or two and see if a 2nd viewing improves it now that I know the structure and story. Kudos to the filmmakers however for taking chances and going outside the box. Bottom line is that this down under flick is a delight and should definitely be seen.

john f (de) wrote: this movie yonkers joe ,which i watched 3 times is right on the money ,,i know ,,i have been a gambler for some time and met a few of those hustlers ,,the gambling scenes were great ,,so true to real life ,,great acting by all ,,just a great movie to watch ,we need more films of that calibar,, the director hit it right on the money ,,double george

Michael P (fr) wrote: Worth seeing because anything with Emma Thompson is worth seeing. Richard Curtis definitely became a better writer as time went on.

Lisa J (ca) wrote: This must be where the movie "The Cell" got its idea from.

Steven R (nl) wrote: Ethereal horror at it's best! Directed by Peter Weir, who also gave us "The Truman Show". This one is very haunting, and you'll think of it afterwards for days.

Brijesh P (gb) wrote: Classic greko, classic 80s, classic giant mobile phones

Hollis O (br) wrote: Unconvincingly over the top from time to time, but most definitely quirky and entertaining. Quality camerawork makes it all extra enjoyable.

David L (ca) wrote: It unfortunately influenced too many romantic comedies these days and the ending is silly, but Pillow Talk succeeds due to wonderful performances from its stars, evident chemistry and a number of laugh out loud situations and scenes. Shallow and by now cliched, probably yes. Charming and hilarious, yes.