My Best Friend's Girl

My Best Friend's Girl

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PierLuigi F (de) wrote: A very down to earth (as most scandinavian) teen movie about sexuality that focus on the experience (and need of contact and romance) of one girl that find herself in the middle of two maelstroms: uncontrolled hormones and unmanaged "social" life. Really cute and valid.

Daniel W (fr) wrote: I should have given up on this low-budget Western set in the 1800s when, just over two minutes into it, the main female character, Selina Stevens, portrayed by Sage Mears, read the line (yes, read, like most of her lines), "I can't lift the Crock-Pot all by myself." Surely, the writer (I use the word loosely), Geoff Meed, isn't so ignorant as to not have a clue that the trade name "Crock-Pot" and the electrical appliance it refers to weren't invented until the early 1970s. Then again, his forte is martial arts and stunts, so maybe he has been knocked in the head once too often. If he didn't know, then surely someone else in the cast or crew, perhaps the honeywagon driver, should have. That's where the script belonged?in the honeywagon. Then, about four-and-a-half minutes in, actor Brian Wimmer as the character Will Stevens, said, "I gotta replace all the shuttlers and windows due to the winds that are coming in." No, that's not a typo, that's exactly what he said?shuttlers. Hey, maybe he just flubbed the line and the low budget couldn't stand the strain of re-shooting the scene. On the other hand, maybe Geoff Meed really should give up the stunts and fighting. Permanent brain damage is no laughing matter. Perhaps The Asylum, known for producing "mockbusters," used these lines as a joke, but they weren't nearly as funny as this joke of a movie. Hard to fathom, but yes, I kept watching to the end, mostly out of fascination with how terrible it was?just as one refrains from turning away from a train wreck. But life is too short to have spent the time watching or to further comment on this train wreck. I hope I've saved someone else the waste of time.

Tanvir M (de) wrote: A truly modern and surprising offering from Bollywood, a workplace comedy around marketing! While it at times loses focus, but it seldom drags, and manifests a big heart all the way through. The spirit of marketing and business in general is conveyed very well, from its inexorable ruthlessness to how it can become more humane. Ranbir is outstanding in the lead role and Shimit Amin is a director I will be watching, who is not sticking to a comfortable genre. Bollywood is getting fresh blood, in both in front and behind the camera, and that bodes well for the viewers, who can expect to be rewarded with unconventional fare more frequently.

Eliabeth P (it) wrote: Hogswatch may be my new favorite holiday.

aLiaH a (mx) wrote: easy n nice movie...can watch while put your brain away...

kalamoon a (jp) wrote: : ( ) (finding forestter) (good will hunting) , () , ... () ... , !!! 360 , . ( ) , . ,, , ,,, , ( ) ,, imdb . ,, B

Arielle G (gb) wrote: Those who have hated that movie weren't toking enough.

Rodney E (mx) wrote: I dont think that I have seen all of this but it doesn't matter as it sucks badly.

Patryk C (it) wrote: One of the most appealing films in the collection. Although I can't say that I didn't enjoy Sherlock Holmes in Washington, it sometimes seemed a bit too forced and underdeveloped in its storyline. While it remains as patriotic as ever (this time on account of the USA), the mystery and conspiracy shown in the picture looks rather laughable than suspenseful.

Jeff Z (kr) wrote: The first of the Rathbone-Bruce series to be updated and set in 1940's England, this features some outstanding black and white cinematography. The scenes in the bad part of town and the criminal bar are just beautiful noir looking shots. The new digitally restored version is just really nice to look at. In this Holmes uses a streetwalker (Evelyn Ankers) to get close to Thomas Gomez (in his film debut) as a Nazi spy. Rathbone is always good as Holmes and Watson isn't written with nearly as much comedy as later episodes, but Bruce manages to project great warmth and friendship for Holmes. As a movie, the story makes it not so hot. As comfort food, spending an hour with a couple of old friends, its still enjoyable.

Nathaniel B (ru) wrote: Thought the boxing was much more realistic in this film than in Cinderella Man, but I wasn't as moved by the story. Overall, I really liked the film and think anyone should go see it.

Jose R (mx) wrote: Better than Star wars

Itamar K (br) wrote: At first, The Last Seduction felt like a sleazy exploitation pic, but it quickly surpassed my expectations. John Dahl's film is a surprisingly sophisticated neo-noir, which addresses all the prototypes of the classic film noir, but places the femme fatale at center stage, and re-examines the character prototype, through the filter or more modern views on values and genders. The Last Seduction plays with the viewers' expectations, and with the way they view the characters and their actions.And aside from all that, it's a very well-paced, well-constructed thriller which keeps the audience interested at all times, slickly executing dialogs full of subtext and tension. Linda Fiorentino (is this seriously the same girl from Dogma?!) is phenomenal in the lead role, and Peter Berg more than pulls his weight too, though his character seems simple and flat at first it grows and develops throughout the film. The only real fault I can find is Bill Pullman's ridiculous performance - he should really stick to comedies. But hepulls it together for the finale, a deliciously wicked and satisfying conclusion that ties all the loose ends. Definitely recommended.

Andy W (fr) wrote: While the plot wasn't anything extremely new, I thought that the movie was well done, very fun, and with appealing characters.