My Blue Heaven

My Blue Heaven

Radio star Kitty Moran, long married to partner Jack, finds she's pregnant, but miscarries. For a change, the couple turn their act into a series on early TV and try to adopt a baby. Finally they acquiring a girl in a somewhat back alley manner.

Betty Grable and Dan Dailey are a married song and dance team who cannot have children. The movie follows the travails as they try and adopt and keep the kids they adopt while performing on their TV show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Holly C (au) wrote: Pretty good movie. Keeps you interested and has an excellent story line.

Austin D (it) wrote: Watched it in Social Movements, emotionally appealing. One-timer though.

Rachel O (ru) wrote: of the simpler sorts of romantic movies that seems as if could have sprung from real life (yet it is still recognizable as a "movie"). Yet both actors are very strong and their characters are believable. Even without spoken words (or the silent moviesque still screens with her thoughts voiced over) you can really get inside the characters' heads.

Steve W (mx) wrote: One of Argento's best when it comes to his newer ones. He sort of lost his way after Opera, but this one shows his return to form. The story is intriguing, we have Max Von Sydow, very brutal killings and a great ending. One of the most frightening moments is when a special someone visits Von Sydow's character close to the film's ending. A great horror giallo.

Kenneth Y (gb) wrote: Two years after "And life goes on...", Abbas shot the third episode to break the legend of the second one. It makes audiences reflect in the cinema world that they are always just audiences. They can never merely sit there, eat popcorns and then watch without thoughts. Films are not something a mere true story, on the contrary, it is just an illusion, but also a reality of illusory world. Abbas pursued the audiences' process of watching film and that's why his ending is always somehow ambiguous. As Abbas once claimed, "Audiences have to question the film itself, not me!"

Darryll H (us) wrote: one of the ultimate jackie chan movies, a must see, highly reccomended

Graham H (fr) wrote: Mind bogglingly erotic when I saw it aged 16! Still stands up as atypically French answer to usual UK sex fodder "Confessions of .." series. Often copied but always failed

Nathan M (us) wrote: Best seen while muted.

Blake P (ru) wrote: Good watch. Tom (Astaire) and his sister Ellen (Powell) are a brother and sister dancing act, and are shocked to find themselves booked to give a show for Princess Elizabeth's wedding in England. Once their, they both unexpectedly find love, Tom a dancer (Churchill), and Ellen Lord Brindale. Will it get in the way of the show? "Royal Wedding" may not be as good as "The Band Wagon" or "Meet Me in St. Louis", but it certainly is a fun find! Fred and Jane are surprisingly great as siblings, and was considered to copy Fred and his sister Adele's relationship back when they performed together. This movie wouldn't be half as fun though if they didn't have Stanley Donen as a director. This was his first real directing job, and had already had experience working with Gene Kelly in "Cover Girl" and "On the Town" so at this point he knew what he was doing. It was him that added all of the fun scenes in both the movies, and showed his brilliance when he had Astaire dancing on the ceiling! That's a cool thing to see, and I actually researched it to find out how they actually filmed it. I was that good! This was one of the last Technicolor musicals after gradually shifting to CinemaScope and Deluxe, and it certainly looks good. Hint for the other viewers: skip this on play instantly-- it looks terrible. I caught this on TCM and found it to look very vibrant, and trust me, you wouldn't want to miss out on it! "Royal Wedding" might not be the best of the best, but is certainly a movie that will put you in a good mood.

Harrison W (gb) wrote: Well-made film, but it doesn't stand the test of time like the Hitchcock movies in my opinion. Maybe we've all just made fun of this iconic movie, or it just holds onto a very specific old style and some cliches. Sometimes though, it's just plain hard to get past the weird cuts and edits. I also don't care for the message--which almost seems to be a cynical idea that time makes us all despicable jerks. Maybe I just haven't dived into it deep enough, but it's difficult for me to understand motivation for half the things Kane does, let alone sympathize with any of it.

Gerhard J (kr) wrote: In the Loop is a smart, honest, brutal and funny satire.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Just implausible enough to actually be possible. Some great cinematography.