My Blueberry Nights

My Blueberry Nights

Elizabeth has just been through a particularly nasty breakup, and now she's ready to leave her friends and memories behind as she chases her dreams across the country. In order to support herself on her journey, Elizabeth picks up a series of waitress jobs along the way. As Elizabeth crosses paths with a series of lost souls whose yearnings are even greater than her own, their emotional turmoil ultimately helps her gain a greater understanding of her own problems...

After a rough break-up, Elizabeth takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Witt R (au) wrote: Another very well directed piece by Ben Affleck. The story lags in certain spaces, but is always a visually stunning film with an all-star cast. If you love the late 20's/early 30's era and gangster films, Live By Night is a treat.

Tiffany H (us) wrote: J, hggfddssssddddddsdffpzsxSc. C Qqqqq

Aednat K (ca) wrote: Bland underdeveloped characters we didn't care about

Alex W (mx) wrote: Its as good as a national geographic tv show which is fine but not enough to be a movie. The title is misleading, these people don't seem particularly more or less happy then anyone else. Its interesting to see how they live but there are rural people all over the planet that live just as simply if not more-so.

Lanky Man P (jp) wrote: Did this even have a story line? I think it was just people killing zombies. Oh well.

Dinar Sinta Augustina D (gb) wrote: A girl making effort to get over her ownself...! Not bad!

Elena Q (jp) wrote: Crueldad Erotica es esta historia de horror!!! Sordida pero bueeeeena!...

Eric H (it) wrote: Undeniably dour. The acting is some of the best in decades.

Scott C (jp) wrote: I wouldn't mind seeing this again, because it's a Ridley Scott film, but I really don't remember it very well.

Edgar C (fr) wrote: Superb. 1993 was the year in which Kitano consolidated his style and was finally capable of transforming violence into art, and guns into dance moves. Amazing cinematography, a bizarre score, wonderful landscapes and black humor are the ingredients of the Japanese father of Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.91/100

Polo J (es) wrote: Denna film slr det mesta p den svenska filmduken. Med den blodiga inledningen med mordet p Stig Nyman, Bjrn J:son Lindhs suggestiva tvrfljt. ?ppningsscenen var det sista som spelades in, i pojkrummet, och det r inte ens Ingvar Hirdvall man ser dr. Men efter halva filmen kar takten markant, utanfr Eastmaninstitutet, och filmen tar en ny vndning. Och actionscenerna runt Odenplan och Dalagatan mste fungera, d de inte skulle kunna tas om. Bde Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt och Sven Wollter genomfrde ocks de stuntscener deras karaktrer hade, uppe p taket till Dalagatans innergrd, och hnger utanfr fasaden p riktigt, med ett litet nt under sig, ut i fall att... Carl-Gustaf frlorade i de scenerna en tand p piskstllningen. Filmen bygger p boken "En vedervrdig man ifrn Sffle", som skrevs av Per Wahl och Maj Sjwall. De Beckfilmer som Peter Haber r med i, bygger bara p dessa karaktrer, och kan nog inte jmfras med detta msterverk. ?ven om de r lite roligt att just Ingvar r med och spelar grannen utan namn.

Mark B (it) wrote: the first lady's witticisms are pretty amazing but not as amazing as the motorcycle scene or the lamest boat chase ever filmed. i am also amazed at the bronce's love life. something about eternal orgasms causing death?

Allan A (de) wrote: It was entertaining, plenty of topless women. Lots of explosions and killings to keep anyone entertained.

Paul M (it) wrote: After the director's cut, the film has nowhere to hide now. If I was a studio watching this cut 25 years ago, I'd be freaking out too. Great designs and imagination can't make up for a senseless, aimless plot.