My Boss

My Boss

The film is set in the backdrop of IT Industry. Dileep appears as a young software engineer working in Mumbai and who aspires to migrate to a foreign country while Mamta plays the role of his boss.

Story of Manu, who is forced to act as the husband of his boss, so that she gets a visa extension to avoid going back to Australia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert J (nl) wrote: probably the single most annoying movie ever,am a massive office fan,love extras,and all other stuff he and merchant done but THIS -far too much brent upfront constantly gettin it wrong ,the first 10 minutes were funny and the ending was good (when it finished)

Risa C (nl) wrote: one of my favorite movie series,it just keeps getting better even though they made like 7 of them. i cant wait for the next one.and kevin from the backstreet boys was in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jed D (ag) wrote: "Robert Englund, is awesome!" Never ceases to amaze me how well syfy manages to put forth a great film.

Adam B (kr) wrote: rik and ade have brought there insane manic personna's to the big screen from there hit tv series, this is a big thing in england, but other countrys might not get it....cant blame them i suppose

Chris C (gb) wrote: Another guilty pleasure. Good laugh tho

Eric J (br) wrote: Really good in a zany, social commentary kind-of-way. David Byrne is excellent and the other major characters are well-developed in this oddball 80's movie. Plus great songs by Talking Heads.

Laura W (it) wrote: oh women and their night sticks.

Casey B (mx) wrote: saw the movie and read the book when i was in school!!!!

Morris N (fr) wrote: It's got a couple of very good scenes in it. Rather silly.

Luis C (it) wrote: "Stroszek" une o bizarro e o tocante de uma forma que s Herzog consegue fazer.

Richard M (it) wrote: When I first saw this. I had no idea it had been released in theaters? It didn't matter because this movie was all around laughable. I mean yeah, some serious scenes didn't go as well as they could have but hey the movie did it's job. Go Jon Heder, just because he's from CO as am I!!! (You gotta support the home team players) just sayin'. By the way, Wolfmother had some songs or two I think? Maybe one but it also made the movie a tad bit cool.

Jrmie F (fr) wrote: What the...??? Actors not convincing at all, We can't understand where the movie wants to bring us. Just a big waste of time and money.

Noname (jp) wrote: A pretty nice flick with the superb A.Hopkins , not many time he fails with his roles. Story is about Crawford (Hopkins) trying to kill his wife when he found she was cheating with another man. Now a young but great attorney must find him guilty but its seems hard because Crawford is a tricky one.. I enjoyed this movie with a nice little twist at the end.

Alice S (us) wrote: Frighteningly bad, yet I couldn't tear my eyes away...unlike the way Leighton Meester blithely tears out Aly Michalka's navel ring. Second most uncomfortable shower scene since "Psycho."

Drake T (nl) wrote: Once you get past the pretence of extreme badassery that it tries to convey in the culinary field, Burnt really picks up as a tense drama with believable dynamic characters.With an emphasis on edgy direction, well crafted dialogue and a talented cast the film brings together a story of redemption in the seemingly unforgiving "battlefield" of modern cuisine.Unfortunately as the story speeds through it's edgy montages and thrilling character interactions it just as quickly hits the breaks to slow down to a melodramatic feel good ending. This unexpected shift in tone and storytelling comes off as a stylistic cop out... somewhat unsatisfactory.Still if there's anything to brag about its the craft of making Burnt that really shines. An extremely well directed, acted and written piece of moviemaking.

Phil S (au) wrote: Watched this last night. A very comprehensive documentary and a fitting honor to this amazing singer.

Claudia C (au) wrote: I expected it to be as cute as an Elvis movie or Gidget, but this was awful. It spent half the time on bad slapstick and not enough on the couples. No plot.