My Bromance

My Bromance

"Golf" a aggressive boy because he grown up with the broken family. He is only son who never be attention of the parents. "Bank" a lovely boy who came into family members. But he wasn't welcomed by his brother. They learn to live together for overcome obstacles of the surroundings. Before they know the truely of the word "Brother"

This is a Thai film for teens, about the love of two schoolboys, Golf and Bank. Golf is an aggressive boy and Bank is gentle, considerate and sweet-natured. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tehl B (ag) wrote: I really wish I hadn't seen the reviews for this before going in, I think that I had my hopes built up too high. While it was a good movie, that well-established characters, it wasn't nearly as funny as I was anticipating going into it. I liked the movie as a quality film way more than I enjoyed it as a comedy.

Hugo G (jp) wrote: Lea Seydoux's performance and the whole setting really made you feel like you were in the love and experiencing all the chaos. Also, the costumes and sets were really beautiful and you couldn't expect less. Overall, the movie was quite slow but with a strong strong story and performances by Seydoux and Kruger. ~August 20, 2015~

Poul F (au) wrote: Its a stale concept and script but its not the worst film i've seen like it.

Gareth J (mx) wrote: Not a classic but not a disaster.

Logan M (ca) wrote: "Hostel" offers plenty of graphic scenes of sex and drug use followed by torturous violence, but next to nothing in terms of compelling characters and plot. Then again, true fans of the splatter genre won't really care.

Camille L (ag) wrote: Bien qu'il soit clairement en deca des deux premiers episodes, Infernal Affairs 3 reste un modele de mise en scene, avec ses deux histoires entrelacees, un prequel et une vraie sequel, a la maniere du Parrain 2. Andy Lau et Tony Leung sont encore parfaits et c'est sans doute la relative absence des deux autres piliers de la saga (Anthony Wong et Eric Tsang) qui place ce film en dessous des autres. La derniere demi-heure est exceptionnelle.

Chao W (kr) wrote: A conventional movie about an unconventional and fascinating figure.

Paul B (it) wrote: Only for fans of rob zombie and sheri moon zombie

Matthew W (fr) wrote: A film like no other - horrible, amazing, hilarious, disturbing - another singularly unique experiences in a movie theater.And Kyria is wrong - Crispin Glover was blowing minds that night!

Don N (gb) wrote: Almost unwatchable. I love the filmmaker as much as I do any, and can barely stomach this one.

Octavian (jp) wrote: Warning:Mutilation

Yash B (jp) wrote: This is a fantastic story that anyone who loves biopics must see. It is an amazing story about one of the most influential people in history. Your enjoyment of the film will depend on your interest in the subject matter, which luckily for me wasn't an issue because I was interested and fascinated from start to finish. Ben Kingsley delivers the best performance from his career and it may even be one of the best performances I've ever seen on screen from any actor. This is a timeless story that displays the power of tolerance and nonviolence and it is a must see, especially if you are Indian.

Cassandra T (nl) wrote: Not my favorite story of the beautiful Egyptian queen. They portrayed her more as an erratic child than a queen and ceaser as the almighty know-it-all turning their relationship into something strictly platonic while Cleopatra waited around for her "real" love Marc Antony. Vivien Leigh is a wonderful actress but her portrayal was really off the mark on this one.

Haley D (kr) wrote: Eye opening, but thought there would be more content about the research they do. Beautiful sights.

Nicholas G (br) wrote: The characters and story drive the action in this movie. The reasons why so any blockbusters are SHIT is because they only focus on shooting beautiful actions sequences in which the characters are just an afterthought.

Fong K (au) wrote: Stands tall as a uplifting and illuminating biopic of Nelson Mandela; made even greater with Idris Elba's uncanny portrayal of the great leader's majestic presence and modest demeanour.

elise h (au) wrote: lou ferrigno,aka the hulk, as sinbad, if that is not the funniest thing you have ever heard of, watch the movie. the only reason this gets 4 stars is just because it was so bad it was hilalrious. this movie was so awful, all of the costumes looked like they were designed by liberace, especailly the skin tight spandex on the men. lests not forget the dubbing and awful dialog as well. this was just so awful, it put the bad in sinbad. my eyes and earys still hurt. and another thing, the music is just awful, it sounded like it belonged in a really bad video game.

Adam R (it) wrote: Despite lots of crude content it has an unlikely charm. You can't deny it, everyone wants a piece of the Stifmeister. (First viewing - Late teen years)