My Brother

My Brother

The story of two brothers, growing up in 1970s Korea, who each take two completely different paths. One goes to school to become a doctor, the other becomes a gangster. Their story is told through flashbacks after one of them is murdered.

The younger brother, Jong-hyeon (Won Bin) is a good-looking, class-A fighter. The older brother, Seong-hyeon (Shin Ha-gyun) is unbelievably tender and pure, a class-A student. They've been ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian C (de) wrote: Sublime. Trash has never been so white!

Noname (au) wrote: Streets of Blood could have been so much better than it was ,, atleast in the quality part. It feels like low budget movie and thats a shame because we have several good actors like Val Kilmer , Sharon Stone and Michael Biehn in the cast. They have all done alot better roles before so i hope they will end up in more well made upcoming movies. But this movie is one of those movies you can definitely watch if have already seen the goodies. Its an average action/crime flick in the end and i like this type of movies alot but it should have been more quality i felt.

Raymond W (gb) wrote: With a beautiful story, great camera-work, interesting characters, and absolutely incredible acting from Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn, "Lovely, Still" is a great romance film that is initially heartwarming, but ultimately turns bitter-sweet. The characters were not as compelling as they could have been, and I felt manipulated to cry, but "Lovely, Still" is lovely, still.

Kerry A (br) wrote: I hated this movie with a passion. It was very irresponsible in its portrail of this serious problem but what annoyed me the most is how other characters gushed over the writing talent of the main character, which was woeful at best particularly the big ending pieces of reflection. I spent much of the movie yelling at the screen. "Where is this supposed talent!" "How? How is that good writing?" and much more not worth mentioning.

Nadjaa J (br) wrote: best movie ever???????????????????????????

Russ B (fr) wrote: 3/25/2017: Not as good as I remembered, but still an interesting horror film.

Lucas N (au) wrote: A formidable movie with a tightly written script and Linklater doing a great job as director, pushed over the edge by Jable's adorable performance and surprisingly great acting from the children. Something important to this movie is the message of rock and roll, how it unites people and brings happiness to their lives. This movie is not just a ninety minute barrage of references to popular metal bands so stoners at home can look fondly at their Judas Priest posters and think 'Hey I also know of that band'. It actually treats it subject matter with sincerity, and fishes a charming story out of it.

Lily C (ca) wrote: they could've done a better job on it, it was painstakingly awful -.-

Riley B (jp) wrote: Probably my favorite comedy

Keith W (us) wrote: This is my favourite of the three. Despite the ambivalence of the "heroes" being bounty hunters there's a very strong sense of right and wrong, sacrifice and comradeship in this film. The plot is finely developed and the twist with one of the two lockets in the final gunfight really makes it. The interplay of orchestral and locket music in the final scene is masterful. Neither Mortimer of Manco say much but everything they do say is to the point. Action and music speak louder than words and never more so than in this film. The extra organ music is used sparingly and just at the right moments. I love the way Mortimer stands so erectly in the final shootout and Indio slouches - expressing in body language their morality or lack of it.

Jason B (ag) wrote: Crappy movie, easy to forget, only scene that drew everyone in was the introduction

Michael G (fr) wrote: I know Tension isn't that great but I liked it a lot. The otherwise ignorable Richard Basehart was pretty good (and dare I say enjoyable) as a sap pharmacist husband of the venomous Audrey Totter who is at the top of her game as his no good wife. Barry Sullivan is a straight-up dick as teh investigating copper and a young Cyd Charisse is nothing short of adorable. Not the best example of film noir but a pretty good one with lots of surprises and a story that never quite goes where you expect it to.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: The slowest, end of the world flick I have ever seen. Greatest flaws: the lighting and the frigin fact it's so dull. However, I really enjoyed the last eight secounds of the movie.

bill s (kr) wrote: Interesting premise and wasted script....too many subplots and one too many twist.

Yoshi S (us) wrote: Not great, but good Mormon movie. Acting was OK and climax was too soft... But it was really religious and some scenes were really funny! It has heart and wonderful message. So I kinda liked it. I really recommend it!

Mariana R (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie. I don't understand why it has such low score. It follows in the line of the previous movies and it has several twists. Thinking of other franchises, this is a much much better sequel/prequel than in other cases (Indiana Jones comes to mind).