My Brother-In-Law

My Brother-In-Law


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Dana B (nl) wrote: Nicole Kidman played the craziest woman you will ever want to see. She was scary crazy and I don't scare easy. Deserved the Oscar she received. The movie requires your attention when you watch or you won't understand what is going on.

Huw G (kr) wrote: Big name actors make head bashingly lame sci-fi movie, and take the money and run. So much good sci-fi has been written, so many bad sci-fi films have been made. Although of course this is Chrichton, so it is undoubtedly just production line written for the screen stuff. Which was then butchered into this. The ending's ok though.

Jesse K (de) wrote: 5/5 Starship Troopers works both as a sci-fi adventure packed with entertainment value, or a dark satire with even more to dissect. It's thrilling, funny, disturbing, unsettling and way beyond what I could have expected.

Jared K (gb) wrote: great sequal for the halloween movies very instant and scary i would give this a 4.5 / 5 because it wasent better than the first but still a great movie if i were you i would watch it

Beardsly W (ru) wrote: so totally racist its amazing

Charles H (nl) wrote: Best horror movie of all time.

Kyle G (nl) wrote: I found myself very bored throughout because this film is pretty generic. It's self-conscious in a bad way and the main players always seem to be congratulating themselves. Kevin Costner's character is obnoxious and the rest of the cast isn't even worth remembering.

Karen H (au) wrote: 2013-08-26 confusing and hard to follow for quite a while. but well acted.