My Brother's Wedding

My Brother's Wedding

A man who despises his upwardly mobile lawyer brother reluctantly agrees to be best man at his wedding.

A man who despises his upwardly mobile lawyer brother reluctantly agrees to be best man at his wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristi M (jp) wrote: Hilarious in an Evil Dead sort of way- gratutous cheesey awesomeness

Nik D (de) wrote: Maybe because I had such low expectations for this, I didn't end up completely hating on it. It tries to be a lot like Shrek, but ultimately fails. Not terrible, but not likeable. But it does have some nice jokes about modern technology which I enjoyed.

Alina S (ag) wrote: i never watch indian movies but this one was AWESOME::P

Tim C (mx) wrote: Enjoyed this, you should watch it :)

Daniel S (mx) wrote: So-so movie about male synchronized swimming. Relies too much on closet homophobia and the success of The Full Monty to be good.

Melissa D (ag) wrote: Haven't heard of this one.

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Ryan H (ag) wrote: It's another pointless horror movie. Blood and gore doesn't make good storytelling. The only reason I would watch it would be to laugh at how bad it is.

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Fahim B (au) wrote: it was soo fucked up! but wow... the songs remind me of being 6 and when i stopped being an only child...

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