My Christmas Dream

My Christmas Dream

Christina Masters, the manager of McDougal’s flagship department store, is determined to land the manager position for their new Paris location. She sets out to impress Victoria, the store’s owner, by creating the best holiday display in McDougal’s history. Fresh out of inspiration despite assuring Victoria otherwise, Christina turns to a recently-fired store employee who also happens to be a talented artist and single dad to his young son. As they work side-by-side, the business relationship becomes personal and she finds herself falling in love. Will the allure of her dream be too strong or will she choose to follow her heart?

The movie is about Christina Masters, the manager of McDougal’s flagship department store. She’s determined to land the manager position for their new Paris location. With the help of a recently-fired employee named Kurt, she manages to create the best holiday display. But now she has to choose between the dream job in Paris or staying put with Kurt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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