My Country

A film about the reunion of a family broken by the pain and because of the pain can be reunited. An intense story, told in a soft and sensitive way, showing the search and dedication of a ...

. . An intense story, told in a soft and sensitive way, showing the search and dedication of a . A film about the reunion of a family broken by the pain and because of the pain can be reunited

My Country is the best funny movie of Marco Dutra, Andre Ristum, Octavio Scopelliti. This movie was introduced in 2011. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Rodrigo Santoro, Cauã Reymond, Débora Falabella, Anita Caprioli, Paulo José, Nicola Siri, Eduardo Semerjian, Luciano Chirolli, Norman Mozzato, Stephanie de Jongh, Homero Kossac, Vinícius Zucatelli, Olga Machado, Carol Sica, Matheus Broleze Zucato. Movie' genres are Drama. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.3 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Aaron B (gb)

Keep tissues nearby). Shawn Ashmore out of nowhere blows everyone away. beautiful visuals and sweet music, authentically acted. . Absolute favorite movie of the year, hands down

Adam R (gb)

This is one of those movies. Every now and then comes a movie after my own lonely 'lil heart

James C (it)

All in all this is a great movie that has plenty going for it, and even if you are a horror fan that isn't really fond of foreign language movies, you should still sit down and enjoy the roller-coaster ride it provides, and trust me, you will love the ending. This is not a bloodless movie in any shape or form, and the gore is plentiful and incredibly creative, with enough biting, tearing, shooting and blowing off of heads to keep any horror fan happy. The effects are handled very well for the main, but there are a couple of dodgy CGI shots towards the end. The actors all play their roles incredibly well, and give the viewer the feel that they really enjoyed making the movie. The plot keeps moving along at a very fast pace and had me giggling all the way through, but one does feel that certain nuances are lost if you can't speak Dutch. The storyline really doesn't bring anything new or ground-breaking, but it proves that it doesn't matter if you have seen it all before, if it is handled well then you are going to enjoy it - and this movie lives up to that all the way through. The resulting movie is an incredibly funny spoof that is full of action, gore and comedy. It would appear that the current fashion for zombie movies shows no sign of stopping, and here we have a Dutch take on the genre. When the streets of Amsterdam become clogged with flesh hungry zombies following the crash of a Russian space station, a group of survivors attempt to fight their way through to the Army safe zone

Jared B (us)

Seventies style explotation movie with just enough drama to warm the cockles of your heart. Poor audio during dialog and bad character development but such an awesome premise

Kamrul A (fr)

One of my fav movies

Martin S (gb)

Love story with a twist of amnesia, nice

Matt G (br)

Powerful. She'll never stop searching. But in the final moments of the film, we know that her inability to recognize that she'll never get what she wants is what makes her something like a pure spirit. It's a youthful desire, because it's an impossible one. She seeks the euphoria of complete personal freedom. Unlike her best friend Lanna, she does not seek pleasure as meaning. To lose herself completely into a perpetual state of whims and randomness. Like Nicholson in The Passenger, Morton's Morvern Callar senses an opportunity to sever her former identity. A visual experience crafted with passion and honesty, amounting to a complex and vivid psychological portrait of a woman and her spectacular feelings; her contemplative transformation from the trauma of life

Maxwell S (mx)

Essential viewing for, well, everyone. It's the simple things that this film points out that truly strike me, and how it does it. Fearless. 30 minutes is all it took for this film to present it's advanced perspective with a horrifying and artistic manner. Probably THE best of all holocaust films. Certainly one of the greatest in everything in can be categorized in

Nathan C (us)

10. Score: 4. I haven't seen the other underworld movies, i must have only seen this!Not worth the shoot in the foot for me seeing it again

Neil P (br)

Dana Andrews has to fly an airplane