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My Darling FBI


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Jiwon Y (de) wrote: Absolutely engaging-- Ramin and Sierra's chemistry is undeniable. Ramin's gentle side of the Phantom makes it impossible to hate the Phantom, and Sierra absolutely becomes Christine. You can see it, hear it, and feel it. A job well done with a brilliant cast.

Spartacus E (ru) wrote: Hardy is twisted and mesmerizing

Xain R (jp) wrote: Best movie i have seen about mountain climbing. Eigar might not be have as high has K-2,Everest or Nanga Parbat but North Face sure is much more high quality production, in every aspect, then the movies based on those mountains. Most strong part of the movie would be technical detail about climbing and the visuals of the movie.

Chris R (au) wrote: Awesome Spanish movie. I just wish there were an English translation so I could make my friends watch it.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's funny and good movie to watch

Joe A (fr) wrote: Once you get past the 1st 30 min of this directors brute and un-elegant way of telling his backstory, this becomes a pretty decent movie, but then comes the end. It blows, it ends just as the movie start, in a brute and un-elegant way.The acting was great and local and cinematography were amazing, but the fighting actually sucked. for everything good this movie has, there is something bad, and what a let down that was. i like the story, but something about this director really didn't compute with me.

John B (it) wrote: Nice movie and good story overall despite the quirky character of Nicolas Cage.

Aman A (it) wrote: Did not work for me. I did not find it funny like I expected it to and it was too chinese and too slow for my liking.

Stephen C (ru) wrote: In some respects the subject matter of this documentary is similar to the excellent film on the making of Apocalypse Now, Hearts of Darkness.On the other hand Les Blanks film shows how one director with a manical vision will not rest until he has acheived his goal.The director in this case is the genius Werner Herzog who unlike Coppola continues to make challenging and interesting films and Documentaries to this very day.Herzogs plan was at first fairly simple Jason Robards would play the man determined to bring Caruso to the people of th Amazon by building an opera house in the jungles of Peru.Blank then shows how the film became one nightmare after another for its director with Robards dropping out and Mick Jagger who had a major role in the film having to leave owing to recording commitments.Herzogs solution to this problem? Well bringing in the short fused actor Kalus Kinski might not have been his best move, then deciding to haul a full size river boat up the side of a very steep hill is not what you would call sensible.But thats why Herzog makes such an interesting subject for Blanks camera nothing seems to shake him from Kinskis rantings to tribes attacking his crew with alarmingly sized arrows ,Herzog cares pasionatly about his film and the tribespepole around him.Most directors would of course have shot the whole thing in a studio soundstage, but Blanks film shows ones mans passion for movies can give way to madness in some eyes ,but boy when the end product is a masterpiece who is really going to complain .

Sarah C (nl) wrote: Large-lipped farmer's wife demonstrates poor track record in health and safety for farmhands.