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My Darling Slave

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Katie A (es) wrote: Not sure what everyone is taking about. Solid sequel movie. Enjoyable


Pipes M (kr) wrote: This very cool little indie movie is hilarious, starring Ben Vereen and some of Chicago's funniest performers from Second City. The score by Ryan Cohan is way cool too. Check it out, a comic tale of redemption!

Donna L (br) wrote: Loved it. Very sweet.

Alexander Z (de) wrote: As we've come to expect, Michael Jai White flexes and kicks ass.

Robert B (ca) wrote: I decided to watch this film purely based on its two leads (Patric/Liotta), not knowing anything else about it going in. The actors did not disappoint, especially Liotta, turning in a great performance as the unstable Henry Oak. In addition, the director did an excellent job stylistically. The dark tones and often jarring camera work complemented the film perfectly, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously morose and highly suspenseful. Unfortunately, "Narc" falters with the conclusion of its storyline. After building up a great deal of anticipation and expectation on the part of the viewer, it delivers an ending that isn't especially interesting, leaving me with an overall feeling of 'meh'.

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: Nostalgia goes a long way......

Alan P (mx) wrote: Nothing new here really, a road trip with the ultimate aim of performing at the 'Night of a Thousand Stevie Nicks's ' - heaven help us if there is really such a thing! There are gay goths, runaway Amish and Karen Black singing in a redneck bar! Watch only if you don't have a better option.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: Okay mob film. I guess it was okay, but other than that it was okay.

Karina B (gb) wrote: Tarr Bla: Damnation the world of the damned It might be scary that Tarr's masterpiece doesn't have a usual plot, its not about telling a story or judging, but it presents an inner state of a nation and a culture that is projected to a small Hungarian village at the back of beyond and its inhabitants. damnation on all levels Through the movie with still and clean pictures the main theme is shown in many aspects. Emotional and sexual damnation appears in the tragic-comic relationship of the main character Karrer and a bar singer. They are created as opposite as they could be: Karrer, being emotionally overcharged and having neither with nor without relations to women, because of being on another level of abstraction he totally neglects the fact of reality and importance of sexuality. Meanwhile the bar singer is being an emotional vegetable and (like the Jacques Audiards prophet) without moral or any deeper thinking or reasoning she acts the best possible in the present situation, giving herself to the man in charge. The most amusing aspect for me was the environmental and the financial damnation. I believe that the environment is strongly connected to the finance and economy. Traveling through the images of the village reminds me of some Jim Jarmusch's road movie slow pictures and still faces, the same emptiness is felt but on an uncomfortable way, and while Jarmusch's world is infinite Tarr is making it claustrophobically small. The viewer is trapped in empty rooms streets and a bar, has the feeling of constantly turning around in one spot and not being able to get away. Seeing strangers but yet so familiar blighted faces from whom is impossible to hide. By and by the viewer excepts that the only distant things visible are mining machines through Karrers window. One religious and/or spiritual symbol existed: the prophet in the shape of a cloakroom attendant. The old lady was a tiny candle light in a big dark room full of people damned to blindness. The only hope for the characters was walking between them preaching about the facts and reality which could lead to their salvation. For the tragedy to be bigger, it was in vain, blind people do not see the light. not depressive but rather melancholic Melancholy is a key for the movie. Some theories believe that it is caused by the concepts of sin, atonement, damnation and salvation. Through years melancholy was primer characteristic of Hungarians, always resurrected by religions like catholicism, communism and capitalism. Hungary was practically under the Russians from 1945 to 1989, no revolution had success in changing that. Even years before the nation was not on its own, having the German and Austrian power over them. Tarr's movie was made in the ending years of national slavery which is believed to be the damnation to Hungarian people, a bitter taste of melancholy in mouth. The question left behind might be: what is the reason of damnation? I think even this question is being answered between the lines.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: You heard it with your own eyes.A product tester in New York finds the love of his life in a girl that wants to do nothing but lead rallies against injustices; unfortunately, their relationship is short lived and she dumps him. He heads to a small country where he is quickly regarded as intelligent and one that can lead them where they want to go. They elect him president and he quickly becomes their communist leader. Where is this going and how can it help the New Yorker win back his girlfriend?"I'm a good sized sniveling dog."Woody Allen, director of Manhattan, Midnight in Paris, Alice, Shadows and Fog, Radio Days, September, Small Time Crooks, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Zelig, and Annie Hall, delivers Bananas. The storyline for this picture is fun to watch unfold and fairly entertaining. The main character is humorous and fairly consistent with Allen's future main characters. The acting is solid and the cast includes Allen, Louise Lasser, Charlotte Rae, and Miguel Angel Suarez."I cannot suck anyone's leg I am not engaged to."Bananas was a movie I found on Netflix and was surprised was Allen's first major motion picture (making it a must see for me ;)). Overall, this was fun and well paced. I enjoyed the evolution of the main characters, the scenes, and the way the story starts and concludes. Overall, this is definitely worth a viewing but isn't Allen's best project."I expected a longer bout."Grade: B-

Patti H (us) wrote: Don't like Elvis so nope

Zack L (mx) wrote: I really can't think of any flaws in this movie. I wouldn't give it a perfect 10, but it's as close to perfect as any movie I've ever seen. It really just sweeps you up into this world of intrigue and crime and takes you on a journey as the mystery of this girl unfolds before your eyes. Johnson created a somehow believable crime underworld in a high school that just makes you more curious as the story progresses. Brick is a masterfully directed movie with perfect dialogue, believable characters, and a story that keeps you guessing until the end.

Corey S (jp) wrote: An epic film with a fantastic story, amazing premise and one of the most original time travel genre movies I've seen in a while. Plus Jim and Dennis are just brilliant in this.

Danny M (es) wrote: This was a good film. Not my favourite film from Quintin but it is a good film. Like always it is very long but the dialogue and story makes the time past very quick.

Jenna G (au) wrote: It Happened One Night is so much fun and is blessed with pure greatness from Colbert, Gable & Capra.