My Days with Gloria

My Days with Gloria

Mystery film from Juan José Jusid

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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My Days with Gloria torrent reviews

Ryan Z (mx) wrote: A story with elements of debate is fun, especially if it is also a kind of bildungsroman.

Carl L (nl) wrote: Considering how important Russia is, and how many movies Hollywood made about it during the Cold War, it's amazing that we don't see more of Moscow. This film is part drama and part detective story. It shows the ugly underside of everyday life for a mid-level technician and various gangsters. The mafia gets an unflattering but not too unsettling portrait (if you can't stomach violence). The narration provided a pleasant surprise, where the main character uses physics to create analogies for various experiences he has throughout the film, and he does so with a measure of poetry. George Clooney, please do produce more films like this!

yo w (fr) wrote: Good if you like Pterodactyls.... If your looking for something different, this is for you.

corynne c (es) wrote: great movie i am 15 and i saw this yesterday it is awesome i like thrillers and Julia Roberts if you like thrillers and Julia Roberts this is the best movie for you its not to scary just the end parts and the middle parts i also like the main plot ex wife running away from husband ... good plot its really good :)

Robert I (kr) wrote: Pretty lame movie. Positive: there's a character named Harry Potter.

Steve K (br) wrote: Meh, you get what you expect. There are many that are far better in terms of quality of production and comedic content..

Stella D (ag) wrote: a very entertaining 50s noir that somehow escaped my radar until yesterday. the banter of the supporting characters and the third man theme music made me smile. great existential vibe, better than blast of silence. and surely a template for le samoura. oh those crazy, irrational, trouble-makin women...

David W (br) wrote: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker make this film a blast from the past in the 90s

JY S (au) wrote: John Carpenter goes campy with They Live.Backed with a catchy tune for 90 minutes, They Live hilariously amuses with its sci-fi thriller style plot. The buildup is a little lengthy, but serves as a great contrast for when the sunglasses are on. Plot details are thin and under explained at times; however, the subject matter and characters make up for these shortfalls.The action is over the top and a brawl in an alleyway is excessively long, yet somehow it feels right at home in this picture. The visuals through the sunglasses is a delight when compared with the so-called real world view.Roddy Piper is a hoot and Keith David steps in as a successful partner in crime. Those two alone are enough to make this film work.