My Dear Desperado

My Dear Desperado

Previously known as "My Girlfriend as a Gangster". Dong-chul can't fight at all, but he's a gangster who can talk. He can't show off his skills as well as before, but his spirit is still alive. But the girl who seems nice on the outside moves next door, and she doesn't feel threatened by him. If he calls her "the girl next door," she gets defensive. But for some reason, he wants to be nice to her! Se-jin has put herself out on the job market. She has big plans and got the semi-basement room. But a gangster who doesn't even look like one lives next door. This man calls her "the girl next door" as if he knows her. The gangster that talks too much. She doesn't hate him! A gangster with no charisma, and a very charismatic woman. Their lives together as they head off daily!

(Korean with English subtitles) An unlikely romance brews between Dong-chu, a tough-actin thug with a tender heart, and his bookish, and recently single, IT consultant neighbor, Se-jin, in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eve Lyn B (it) wrote: I was immediately drawn to this film as a lifelong dog owner. This movie is, in many ways, my life. Any dog lover will love this film and be touched by it. Molly Shannon is wonderful as usual, but gets to perform a little more serious role.

Geoff J (fr) wrote: Amusingly funny low (very low) brow comedy. Dumb but fun.

Krista L (nl) wrote: Starts out very strong, but peters out in the last half-hour.

Sofia H (jp) wrote: la empec a ver pero nunk la termine

Allan C (it) wrote: Not being a teenage girl, I'm thinking I'm not really the target audience for this film. However, despite this, I did enjoy this fairly standard coming of age story. Ryder is a 1960s teenager who rebels against her mother's unconventional ways by becoming Catholic (they're Jewish) and wanting to become a nun. Christina Ricci plays the younger sister and Cher plays the outrageous mother who "cooks" them hourdeuves for dinners and moves them town to town at the drop of a hat. Ryder falls in love with the hunk from "Sixteen Candles" and Cher finds a good man in Bob Hoskins, and it all plays out how you might expect, but it's well acted with likable performances. Richard Benjamin directed and he's someone I think I want to take a closer look at. I know he made some garbage like "My Step Mother is an Alien" but he also directed some magical films like "My Favorite Year." It had been quite a while since I've seen Winona Ryder in anything (except for a small part in "Black Swan") and I'd forgotten how much I liked her as an actress. It was also funny to see a super young Christina Ricci as Ryder's younger sister in her film debut. There's also a nice score by Jack Nitzsche to top things off. I'd never seen this film before and was pleasantly surprised.

Jeremy J (mx) wrote: A very amusing (read: horrible low-budget Italian) film. Some highlights from the movie: a psycho kid mechanic, hairy villians in white spacesuits who want to exterminate humanity for...uh...I don't know and Fred Williamson playing around with the bow from Rocky III. 4.5 stars because of the "initiation" scene. While that was amusing as well due to its "high" (read: crackhead) production values, it still is slightly disturbing.

Kristin B (gb) wrote: Watching moves from the 1970s is always an experience. The period seems to break a lot of rules established in the first half of the century, and does so with varying degrees of success. Against all odds, this random string of events and scenes that I honestly spent most of the movie wonder what the point of it all was is so entertaining and the actors so charismatic that I really didn't care. This rag tag failing pro hockey team is completely ridiculous, but Paul Newman along with a strong supporting cast keep the movie interesting. Bonus points for pre-MPAA ratings language and nudity which would likely have been edited out to keep this PG-13. Gotta love the 70s.

Edgar C (ag) wrote: Hilarious Woody Allen start with intelligent critique undertones and unforgettable gags because of its early slapstick orientation. Do not worry, though, because some of your ideals are quite probably meant to be challenged.84/100

Terry R (ag) wrote: way more likeable than i expected... terrible production values and no budget... but it had a funky sort of vibe that i enjoyed. as well as some genuinely funny moments and strange twists.

Misty D (jp) wrote: Cute family friendly movie.

Lewis E (br) wrote: If you haven't seen 'Animal Farm' or read the book it is based upon, hurry up and do both. You would be struggling hard to find a cartoon which teaches so much to children and adults alike with its wonderful political commentary.

Topher A (it) wrote: Maybe eventually...but not in the near future will I see this.

Jerry Y (br) wrote: This easily cracks the top ten of worst movies I've ever seen it (also on that list, off the top of my head (Boondock Saints, Domino, Independence Day, Twister). It's bad on so many fronts it's hard to know where to begin. Acting? Atrocious. It's bad enough when Meatloaf is in your film, but even William Macy is awful. And Laura Dern. Cinematography? Good lord. The director thinks that random zooming in and out at inappropriate times lends some sort of gravitas to a situation. Nope, it's actually laughable. The slo-motion flashbacks are particularly cheesy. The "fight" scene is remarkably bad. Story? I know it's based on an Arthur Miller, but this is horrendous. So apparently putting on a pair of glasses is enough to have a longtime neighbor suddenly think you're Jewish. Plus it's a little patronizing to illustrate the evil's of anti-Semitic by telling the the story of persecuted non-Jews (OR ARE THEY?!?!). Hokey imagery? Got it in spaded. "Hatred going around like a carousel". And then images of a carousel! Genius!Hokey, unsubtle moralizing + bad acting + bad cinematography = a classic (not in a good way). I looked up the director to see what else he had done, and sure as shit, it's the only film he's directed. I understand why.

Giulio R (jp) wrote: If you feel stupid you'd better watch it!