My Dear Killer

My Dear Killer

Following the mysterious decapitation of an insurance investigator, Police Inspector Peretti is put onto the case, but all the clues lead to an unsolved case of kidnapping and murder.

A mysterious decapitation leads Inspector Peretti into a case of blackmail, deceit and the unsolved kidnapping of a young girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (it) wrote: Quite alrightee, formulaic though.

Jun C (ru) wrote: i was kind of forced into this... but I don't hate this movie... it's just that I couldn't understand the movie that's all

Annie P (de) wrote: i did love this movie it has a lot of cast members i like

Brent F (jp) wrote: Random netflix movie. Surprisingly good. Not as scary as modern films but still creepy and suspenseful. Benning does a really good job as a lady in the edge of just going bat shit crazy. I saw some of my patients in her. Anyway she loses her daughter to this serial killer but as a psychic/clairvoyant she becomes connected to this killer and tries to stop him from killing another young girl. Pretty good supporting cast. Nice movie when you're can't make up your mind on what to watch.

Eldin B (it) wrote: "Let's understand each other. I sang the first hymn when the stars were born. Not that long ago, I announced to a young woman, Mary, who it was she was expecting. On the other hand, I've turned rivers into blood. Kings into cripples. Cities to salt. So, I don't think that I have to explain myself to you."

Allan C (de) wrote: George Cukor directed this fun lightweight satire about Judy Holliday wanting to make it big in NYC and when she has trouble doing it, she takes out a major billboard advertising her name. Although it didn't really work so well for Angelyne in the 1980s, the billboard works quite well for Holliday in getting her famous. Jack Lemmon, in his first film appearance, is her earnest neighbor and Rat Packer Peter Lawford is the schmoozy advertising executive. I think this is the first film I've seen with Judy Holliday and she is affable enough, but I didn't really get a sense of her being a major star or screen presence. Lemmon however is terrific and really carried the film for me.

Clarice M (ca) wrote: This is actually one of my favorite Astaire/Rogers films even though theyr'e not the main story line. They still steal every scene they're in and I adore their relationship in this one (it has a slight extra zing and bickering comes off as more playful -- than in some of their others).

Judith B (nl) wrote: Loved this movie. Stark, contemporary and fascinating. Don't belive Michael Mann has made a bad movie.

Dusty L (de) wrote: 84% on my Tomatometer.