My Dear Kuttichaathan

My Dear Kuttichaathan


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Wendy K (ca) wrote: Toronto International Film Festival 2012. A hilarious and charming Spanish film about an awkward teacher with paranormal abilities who has to help a group of ghosts graduate high school. This film has this real 80s/90s vibe to it because of the 'ghosts' aspect. It features a cast that has great chemistry with each other. It's not a lengthy film so the 1.5 hours goes by very quickly, the story is very straightforward. Yes, it's fairly predictable at times but because it's so charming and it has this idk, European film feeling to it (yet American at parts, idk), you kind of forgive the film. Anyway, the story is unique; the cast has overall great chemistry - not to mention great to look at; so no complaints here!

Lisa F (nl) wrote: A very good movie. Unfortunately I knew the ending before it happened.

Steve R (nl) wrote: Good fun for about 10 minutes, but then it all gets old very quickly. Not even fun in a B-movie way - just dull.

Paladin of Odin (nl) wrote: I love the maltese falcon so if this really is as bad as they say then no way in hell am i watching it

Joshua J (kr) wrote: In my humble opinion, the best military film of all time!

Justin B (ag) wrote: Genre film that opts to do nothing new and do the routine poorly. Boring "B" movie that has literally only one scene that managed to entertain in the way it should. I will say that it's kind of nostalgic because I remember watching this when I was 9 and not liking it then either.

Sean S (gb) wrote: Besides the humour provided by the cute vocal tidbits of inventor Wayne Szalinski's son Adam and dynamic of his subsequent transformation into a 112-foot tall toddler, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid is inconsistent with the original in places. It conveniently moves to a different state for no reason at all and excludes daughter Amy by writing her off as a college student. The zany antics become old quite quickly and while at times look good with the film's doubled budget, become suffocating in a movie desperately trying to cling to the original's formula of youth and adventurousness.

Tina R (ca) wrote: adore it for so many reasons

Kyle E (ru) wrote: Part horror, part slasher, part sci-fi, but all Chuck Norris. If you like Chuck, watch it. If you don't, skip it.

Kyle B (jp) wrote: Flat direction and slack pace but.... Lee Van Cleef vs. Warren Oates! That's all you need to know.

Patryk C (ru) wrote: An impressive and thrilling art house production and a most splendid directorial debut that any aspiring director can imagine. This samurai tale, filled with stunning sword fights, shows a respectable story about honor and virtues that are able to withstand any adversities. With a very strong narrative structure, beautiful cinematography and a smashing performance by Tetsuro Tamba, Three Outlaw Samurai remains true to its genre. The Criterion Collection did a great job of releasing this untimely flick.

Curt F (us) wrote: Who knew being addicted to crack and gambling could be so entertaining?

Trevor F (us) wrote: This movie literally led to me being vegetarian.

Daniel M (nl) wrote: An amazing movie, one of my personal favorites.

Robin P (it) wrote: Good suspense with Doris Day.

Jim H (jp) wrote: There's no doubt that Bill Murray has had an unbelievable career of funny moments, yet this" the one that truly put him on the cinematic map - may be his finest hour. While the directing and writing career of Harold Ramis was still in the novice stage at this time, he was still smart enough and aware of Murray's talent to realize what the success of this movie truly was going to be: let Bill be Bill. Ramos is the perfect Abbott to Murray's Costello, and the performances of people like John Larroquette, Sean Young, and P.J. Soles, do an amazing job of filling in whatever holes there are in the script. Of course, no mention of this film is complete without talking about the scene stealing performances of John Candy and Warren Oates.

Daniel D (de) wrote: There is plenty of quality action in this film.

Breno L (de) wrote: I like horror comedy when it's clever.... This one is way too stupid.