My Fair Son

My Fair Son

Ray enrolls in art school where he makes new friends and starts a relationship with another student. But when Ray's dad finds out about the relationship, he must begin to understand his own feelings toward homosexuality.

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Mesh B (kr) wrote: English Vinglish is yet another good example of progress in Indian-American movies that needs to be pursued further by Bollywood filmmakers.The movie tells the story of Sashi, an insecure Indian housewife who lives with her, rather sexist husband and two kids, one being a very spoiled teenage daughter who both think less of her resulting from her incapability to speak the second language in India, English. As the movie goes, Sashi has to leave India and come to New York for her niece's wedding. The film gets interesting when Sashi enroll in a four weeks English course that leads her in founding a new freedom of expressing herself without the judgement from her family and society in general, but also spark a new possibility of love interest with Laurent, French guy in her English class who take an interest at her. I appreciate what the director, Gauri Shinde did here. She tells the enclosed obsession of Indian society with the Western lifestyle, and at the same time tackle women role in an Indian family. But, of course like any other Indian movies who are to afraid to make a bold statement, the climax ended with an absurd and disappointing conclusion.Bollywood veteran actress, Sridevi plays Sashi beautifully, after being rather absence from the Bollywood scene, which leaves me with hope to see more of these kinda role offers to those 'aged' actresses. And a big shout out to French actor, Mehdi Nebbou who plays the underdog character, Laurent. Whether it's the interracial relationship, gay awareness character or even hint of feminism merely presence in the movie, English Vinglish do brings a fresh point of view that has been lacking in Bollywood movies for(ever) sometimes now.6.5/10.

Bilal S (fr) wrote: It was a decent attempt to create a movie more like Hollywood. The graphics were great but characters seemed to come from Xmen. The movie had some good action sequences and the plot was not bad.

Brendan N (de) wrote: Promises more then it can deliver. A few too many creatures to be really menacing. the creature work is impressive for its budget. The play on narrative is cool at the beginning but after that everything falls apart

Tyler W (ru) wrote: Best Ending Song For Horror Film Ever Lol All I'm Gonna Say!

Gustavo R (fr) wrote: No inicio meio ruim, mas depois vai melhorando.

Vinny D (it) wrote: this is not an action movie it is a romace that is very boring. D

Greg W (us) wrote: great doc brought back the eighties 4 me

Paul D (kr) wrote: Decent actors certainly elevate this very lackluster comedy-parody of the children's television industry which is quite dark in places.

Kari C (ru) wrote: An obviously bad movie, but bad in a way that kept making me think...who the hell really DOES think up this weird shit?

Lisa K (us) wrote: A decent thriller that presents an interesting scenario, but is ultimately unable to overcome its narrative shortcomings and predictability.

Cody C (ag) wrote: I love this movie a lot and I've never understood why it's not revered as like a great monster movie. It's really well told, I love the pace and vibe, Henstridge is brilliant..The only thing that I can think of that's weak is the CGI, but who cares? I love it start to finish.

t w (br) wrote: It's a Halloween ripoff but still has some charm to it

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Directed by Mark Robson, (The Harder They Fall (1956), Valley of the Dolls (1967) and Earthquake (1974), this is an exciting war adventure. A little far fetched maybe, but it's worth watching, and at the time, it helped get 20th Century Fox back on their feet after what happened with Cleopatra (1963). American pilot Colonel Joseph L. Ryan (Frank Sinatra) is shot down in Fascist Italy, and he's put into a POW camp, ruled with an iron fist by Major Battaglia (Adolfo Celi), as Ryan arrives, he is introduced to British officer Major Eric Fincham (Trevor Howard), but shortly after arriving, the Italian Fascists retreat, and the Nazi's come in, and take the POW's by train to Austria, but Ryan, Fincham and Allied chaplain Captain Costanzo (Edward Mulhare) lead the other prisoners of war who are on the train to take it over and even have Costanzo impersonate German commander Major Von Klemment (Wolfgang Preiss), and they are able to have the train take a new route to neutral Switzerland, where they'll sit out the war, but soon the Nazi's get wind of what's happened and they're in pursuit before long. It's a very good war film, well shot too, with some good action and effects, and a good score by Jerry Goldsmith, while Sinatra and Howard seem to compete each other in the hamming-it-up stakes, it doesn't spoil this great war adventure.