My Father and the Man in Black

My Father and the Man in Black

The untold story of 'bad-boy' Johnny Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for his father in the shadow of a legend.

The untold story of 'bad-boy' Johnny Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for his father in the shadow of a legend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (de) wrote: Well, there's the good part of the American experiment, and then there's the rest. This is a piece about some of that other, wherein representatives of the land of the free and home of the brave justify rape by your colleagues as simply an "occupational hazard". A national disgrace, not only for the crime against our sons and daughters but more so for the sanctioned cover-up after the fact, protecting the abusers. Got a Leave it to Beaver view of America, of its military (the highest example of The Dream), then this is not for you.

Robert S (jp) wrote: Remarkable film about a cinematic story within a much larger story of ordinary Bolivans fighting their government for water.

(nl) wrote: Cast: Stellan Skarsgrd, Bjrn Floberg, Gard B. Eidsvold, Jorunn Kjellsby, Bjrn Sundquist, Jon igarden, Kjersti Holmen, Jan Gunnar Rise, Julia Bache-Wiig, Aksel Hennie Director: Hans Petter MolandSummary: With revenge on his mind, a gangster (Stellan Skarsgrd) who spent 12 years in prison for murder sets out to kill the man (Henrik Mestad) who put him there. But the promise of a normal life -- and news that he's on the brink of becoming a grandfather -- proves a tempting distraction. Suddenly, seeking vengeance doesn't seem nearly as important.My Thoughts: "I saw way more of Stellan Skarsgard then I planned or wanted to. But besides that little fact, no fun intended, I rather enjoyed the film. I enjoyed the story and I liked Stellan's character Ulrik. He is conflicted with having a new life and getting revenge on the person who ratted him out which landed him in prison for 12 yrs. The film has a subtle hilarity about it. Just the awkward hug, wink, or nod had me smiling or laughing. Really silly actually, but it made me laugh. The whole film is full of awkward moments. Skarsgard does fantastic in his role. There's not a lot of commentary but it works for this film. A good watch if you get the chance to see it."

Lanisha R (ag) wrote: I saw this, this some freak tyoe shit!

Paul B (kr) wrote: Could have been so much better if the Bully had actually been a nasty character. It all just seems so pointless.

Sam M (fr) wrote: Romance and redemption. Two themes I am a sucker for.

Cameron F (ru) wrote: Lazy direction hampers this Spike Lee tale about a Brooklyn family that has too many similarities to Lee's earlier work. If you catch yourself saying "I've seen this before" it's because you have.

Stevie S (it) wrote: One of those awesome bizarre 70s flicks.

Tyson P (ag) wrote: bad ass old school gangster movie

Gavin P (au) wrote: Pretty stock standard revenge movie - not bad, but not great either. Lancaster's good, but doesn't really have too much acting to do - it's mostly shooting & hiding! Pretty funny that it's all over $100! Plenty of classic Western cliches - the hiding in the canyons, the shooting from a huge distance, the damsel in distress and some huge mo's - and an OK score, but it's too short - about 85min - and you don't care too much about the characters.

Spencer S (au) wrote: A cute and honest musical with some great turns by newcomers at the time Betty Grable, Harriet Hilliard, and Randolph Scott. A stale plot and only slightly entertaining music, but all the hilarity and charm that the grand old duo bring to the silver screen. Another nice classic.

Nathaniel R (fr) wrote: For a movie that's 56 years old and relies solely on classical music, Fantasia is still an entertaining spectacle for both eyes and ears. Though it's definitely not for everyone, the animations are stunning and diverse through its many sections and leave viewers interested. The movie could have done without the pointless "Meet the Soundtrack" section and the Dance of the Hours segment left a little to be desired, but for the most part the animators created some gorgeous work and included some classic scenes like Mickey's first film appearance in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Ruairi M (de) wrote: If this film is to be Loach's swansong, it's a good one to play out on. While the film may have over romanticised the Irish worker and the country at the time, and have had a somewhat uneven pace, Loach's portrayal of the relationship between the State and the Catholic Church hit the nail on the head, and was incredibly accurate in terms of marking the rise of O'Duffy and De V within FG & FF respectively, and the effect this had on the more conservative Irish middle classes. The message of this film is one of tragic irony: the Irish people were more oppressed under FG/FF than they were under their original British oppressors!

Jamie C (nl) wrote: The Butler makes the film, Adams character is different to what he usually plays and it was a little boring and predictable.

Sean D (gb) wrote: Sweet movie! Comparable sequel

Michael T (br) wrote: Larry Cohen has a great imagination. He started out writing scripts (and helped create the 1960s cult Sci-Fi TV series THE INVADERS) before moving into the director's chair. The story behind how Q got made is as interesting as the film itself. Cohen was supposed to direct the 1981 adaptation of Mickey Spillane's I, THE JURY (the really bad one starring a miscast Armand Assante as Mike Hammer) but was replaced as the director by Richard Heffron (who?). So Cohen set out to make his own movie and came up with the idea of a ressurected Quetzacatl (Q), a large winged serpent worshiped by the ancient Mexican Toltec civilization, brought back to life in present-day (1982) New York. It has a very good cast, most notably Michael Moriarty as a failed Jazz-pianist and Junkie turned petty theif. This guy discover's Q's nest and offers to show the cops where the creature that has been snatching rooftop sunbathers and window washers for several weeks. A great mannered performance. Also good are David Carradine (as a cop), Richard Roundtree (as a fellow cop), and Candy Clark (as Moriarty's girlfriend). Its a great homage to old-fashioned creature-features updated to the early 1980s. The Q-FX are good but obviously stop-motion and the subplot about the ritual Toltec-style sacrifices bringing Q back to life is not as interesting as Q itself, but this is a thoroughly enjoyable film, way better than I, THE JURY (1981).

Bill B (mx) wrote: Another MST3K selection, and I enjoyed their version of it, especially because from what was portrayed, I feel as if the regular cut of the film might drag quite a bit.Rental?

Sherilyn H (gb) wrote: Movie was a great surprise. Had you going from the moment it started. A must watch.

Vadim D (us) wrote: Light and fluffy. Hudson and Day are charming and likeable, although interesting enough Day's character seems outdated, while Hudson's somehow relevant.