My Friends

My Friends

Like in many other Monicelli movies, the main theme of Amici miei is friendship, seen from a rather bitter point of view. It tells the story of four middle-aged friends in Florence who organize together idle pranks (called zingarate, "gypsy shenanigans") in a continuous attempt to prolong childhood during their adult life.

Necchi (a bar owner), Perozzi (a journalist), Melandri (an architect) and Mascetti (a broken nobleman) live in Florence. They have been friends since their youngest years and spend every ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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My Friends torrent reviews

E R (ag) wrote: Why did Buford have to die? He was the best character. Dammit!

Michael B (br) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Oscar T (br) wrote: Hermosa pelicula sobre el primer amor y ambientada en una de las ciudades mas romanticas del mundo. :')

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Russell H (kr) wrote: Despite Eisenstadt being not nearly as powerful as Macy, there's no denying the forcefulness of the script, and Mamet does a decent job adapting this to film.

Gauvain S (de) wrote: Un film delirant plein d'humour noir qui nous entraine dans un univers completement surrealiste pour mieux faire ressortir l'absurdite du reel. Bertrand Blier a su creer une atmosphere en parfait accord avec son propos ; il nous emmene dans des lieux triviaux (un immeuble, la campagne, une station de RER...) auxquels il donne une dimension fantastique et angoissante qui les transfigure et les rend beaux.

Michael H (gb) wrote: The most overrated film I've ever seen. It's not bad, certainly watchable, but I will not bother watching it again. There's nothing memorable about it, not even the characters. I'm a film fan, not a sheep who nods in agreement with the so-called reputable film critics, so not affected by the Emperors New Clothes syndrome which many film critics have who think that have to rate this mediocre movie highly to get credibility,. I'm afraid to say that in my opinion the King is in the altogether as far as my rating of this film goes.

Ian B (it) wrote: not sure why such negative reviews. loved it