My Girl

My Girl

Vada Sultenfuss is obsessed with death. Her mother is dead, and her father runs a funeral parlor. She is also in love with her English teacher, and joins a poetry class over the summer just to impress him. Thomas J., her best friend, is "allergic to everything", and sticks with Vada despite her hangups. When Vada's father hires Shelly, and begins to fall for her, things take a turn to the worse...

Tomboy Vada Sultenfuss has good reason to be morbid: her mother died giving birth to her, and her father operates a funeral service out of their home. Vada finds her life turning upside down, when she is accompanied by an unlikely friend, Thomas J. Sennett, who suffers from allergies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fajar P (es) wrote: Great Movie, shows much about Java Culture, worth to watch!

Zed C (de) wrote: Why or why do I always give Italian horror a shot? This is everything I HATE about Wap-horror. Boring/trite story, horrible acting, terrible script. BUT, it does have the ONE thing I dig about Wap-horror, and that's when it get gooey, it's lovely... campy and cheesy but lovely. The soundtrack is like driving a car over your junk... painful, annoying, yet a little tasty. See this or not. If you don't, you're not missing anything at all.

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Holly W (nl) wrote: It was better then I thought it would be.

Alessia N (es) wrote: I think I'll give my award for THE MOST STUPID MOVIE to Bootmen....oh well, it only costed 3 !!

George E (gb) wrote: Not bad like how they say it is. It's one sexy and entertaining thriller, but I still found it dumb.

Corey T (gb) wrote: A cheesy but fun story, the effects are so dated.

Aaron C (es) wrote: a nice trip back to the 80's. not your traditional kinda romance, but it's nice to see 2 wronged folks find happiness at last

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Kristijonas F (br) wrote: Hot off the wheels from Howard Hawks' 1932 Scarface, Paul Muni gives a much more focused and compelling performance as the titular fugitive. The story is based on true events, and the injustices it evokes on the big screen infuriate accordingly. The female roles are (unfortunately) secondary to all other plot elements, but the film still warrants a viewing if but for the political uproar it brought about after exposing the chain gang system.

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