My Girl and I

My Girl and I

Su-ho is a plain high school boy, and Su- is a bright and beautiful girl in the same school. For some unknown reason, Su-eun has a crush on the boy, and for equally mysterious reasons she rescues Su-ho in the sea (though he doesn’t know who actually saved him).

Beautiful student Su-Eun prevents her fellow student Su-Ho to drown in the ocean. Su-Ho however, does not know who saved him, until Su-Eun tells him after a while. The love between them ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (kr) wrote: Slow and rather drawn out but watchable. Far too arty for my liking. Had this been a 1 hour film it probably would have been really good.

Jermecia G (au) wrote: woman thou art loosed: on the 7th day

Zack B (gb) wrote: It's a good kids movie but for everyone else it's an awful animated film..

Megan T (es) wrote: Cheesy for some and slow for others, but for me, Yimou has a magic touch for creating a particular mood - a kind of wordless longing - and capturing the subtleties of Asian emotion. This one in particular really took me back to being an outsider in Asia. And China, as ever, is a beautiful backdrop to look at. 4/5 from me. 80% on RT.

Willie C (nl) wrote: A charming and quirky looking film.

Tim S (mx) wrote: Tentacles is one of the worst of the Jaws ripoffs that came along during the late 70's and early 80's, if not THE worst. It has a cast straight out of a disaster movie: John Huston, Bo Hopkins, Henry Fonda and Shelley Winters, and none of them bring anything to the table. The monster itself isn't all that interesting either, despite the filmmakers' attempts at keeping it hidden to make it more menacing. Hell, it swipes a baby off the shore in the first five minutes, which is more laughable than it is scary. The score is pretty annoying, as is all of the performances. I generally dislike Bo Hopkins, but Henry Fonda is just awful in this film, despite him not being in it all that much. It's a mostly boring movie with not much coherence to it, especially in the second half. Just skip it if you come across it. There are better Jaws ripoffs out there.

Sam S (ag) wrote: underated 80's horror film. given the admittedly standard slasher film setup, u'll be surprised just how suspensful, well written, and well acted it is. It also has the distinction of making it's characters adults not teenagers...and you actually care about them.

Angus O (ag) wrote: Undoubtedly one of the funniest moveis of all time, and the peak of Bruce WIllis' career. In the spirit of Moonlighting