My Grandmother

My Grandmother

The protagonist, a lazy pen-pusher, gets the sack for his bureaucratic idleness, and learns that the way back into the job market depends on getting a letter of recommendation from a "grandmother"

The protagonist, a lazy pen-pusher, gets the sack for his bureaucratic idleness, and learns that the way back into the job market depends on getting a letter of recommendation from a "grandmother" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy S (ca) wrote: Twice I nearly switched this off as it starts out as an immature American teen flick... So pleased I didn't as it turned out to be really good, supposedly based on true events make it all the more interesting. Gritty and real the hardship endured by two sisters with an alcoholic mother and various bad choice boyfriends is suffocating, driven to the verge of suicide the girls and a few select friends plot their escape.

Joseph F (nl) wrote: Please don't watch this if you want to have any faith in humanity.

Ingela A (kr) wrote: This movie is part of a series of movies (Babel, Man on fire) which portray the very difficult Mexican social and economic situation next to the American border and how delicate the balance between the two countries is. The movie builds tension quite appropriately as we see a desperate father willing to risk his life in search of a mysterious doctor who is in charge of illegal transplantations, in order to save his daughter's life. In his way, he'll see children gangs, prostitution, corrupt policemen and all the colors of human misery when poverty reigns. But he will also discover kindness, decency and the innocence of children. In the eyes of the character everyone is corrupt and dishonest and this concept is exactly what the script aims to do. It tries to show us how ignorant rich societies are of the way poor ones live and that not everyone who lives humbly is a criminal as the main character will find out. He'll also find out that the most despicable characters in the movie are not even Mexicans. This is a journey of awakening for someone who has to go down to hell because he needs to. The very emotional ending add to a movie which is decent and leaves a very important message. Rich societies play an important part in the state of poverty which is undermining poor societies and they have the moral power to revert this situation. That is, if they really wanted to.

Bret B (us) wrote: An excellent slice of life documentary. These kids are infinitely more interesting than anyone you'd see on Laguna Beach or The Hills because you can identify with some of the experiences of these teens. It might be a little too black and white, but you can only shape so much narrative in under 2 hours. Bottom line: we all have to deal with the same crap growing up.

RAJIB D (au) wrote: one of the best motivational film... that i have watched recently!!!

Sarah M (br) wrote: Wonderful movie about a young woman's coming of age and her adorably gay goth best friend.

Jeremy S (de) wrote: Pauly Shore at his hieght and at his best. It actually was kind of funny but a dumb funny

David G (kr) wrote: Jesse Ventura should have been nominated for the oscar.

Elisha B (nl) wrote: I didn't like him for leaving his wife for so long! Perfect life but he 'left' his wife!

Charles P (fr) wrote: Nothing like a little doomed romance with characters who talk openly about being resigned to their fate to make the day sing with hope and promise! This is why I like the French.

Pavan R (fr) wrote: Loved the movie. Good exploration of relationships. They do tend to explore a few too many but still works well together. Especially the Dad and Son interaction is special. Very good performances and direction.

Dylan F (jp) wrote: Not a damn flaw in this film from the legendary Martin Scorsese. Daniel Day-Lewis is the show stealer and DiCaprio is in top form as per usual

Sean L (nl) wrote: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright get together to continue the work they started with 2004's Shaun of the Dead, this time dropping a parody of cheesy police action flicks. Like its predecessor, it works on a satirical level, but also as a standalone - albeit one with far less heart than we saw in Shaun. Pegg plays Nicholas Angel, a straight-laced London constable who's so fanatical about his job, the top brass worry they'll look bad by comparison and ship him off to the minor leagues. There he partners with Frost, a slobbish underachiever, and swiftly uncovers a vast criminal conspiracy. Fuzz relies heavily on one-liners and sight gags, which are generally pretty effective, but lacks a real emotional hook. That makes for an entertaining two hours, if not for endless re-screenings. The best work comes from the supporting cast, with Timothy Dalton leading the pack as the town's squinting, scheming, mustachioed mastermind grocer. And, of course, Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall are downright show-stealing as the two Andys, resident detectives more concerned with needling newbies than cracking cases. I could've done with a lot more of those guys. A good film, with some big laughs, but no more than that. It's tough to avoid constant comparisons to the team's preceding effort, which isn't a fair match.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: Fun, Sexy And Full Of Energy, Magic Mike XXL Is Another Charismatic Effort, With Channing Tatum Leading A Fantastically Led Cast.