My Gun Is Quick

My Gun Is Quick

Detective Mike Hammer's investigation of a murder puts him in the middle between warring jewel thieves.

A private detective helps a prostitute being assaulted, and notices that she is wearing a very unique ring. She is later found murdered and there is no trace of the ring, which turns out to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph T (ag) wrote: An absurdly surreal comedy centering on Robert Mutt (who is NOT a douche bag), a man with slow wits, bad luck, and poor judgment. Most people, I think, will have no idea how to react to this strange, dark comedy. I enjoyed it for the majority of its run time, as even it's very formulaic ending was bizarre enough for it to seem fresh. It's also a Who's Who of awesome Canadian actors, with Julian Richings, Liane Balaban, Clark Johnson (yes, I know he's American, but he's close enough), Stephen McHattie, Greg Bryk, and Dov Tiefenbach rounding out an awesome supporting cast.

Andrew T (fr) wrote: I dont know why so many people didnt like this movie. It had an amazing plot twist at the end that no one expected, and was one of the funniest movies i have ever seen.

john b (fr) wrote: This movie takes sexploitation to new heights. I always thought "Cindy and Donna" was the best, and maybe it was. The King is dead. Long live the King!

Jonny H (au) wrote: I'm sad to admit. This movie really hit home I have witnessed first hand the effects and aftermath or Meth. Marty Saders movie is 100% in your face realistic view of the addicts struggle.

Super K (es) wrote: I wnat to live at the plaza too

Bill B (jp) wrote: Something that I've now convinced myself I'd seen at least part of back in the VHS days,as it never felt completely familiar but was definitely not a new experience. Well worth a look for fans of the slow burn and some sharp, immediate violence. Happy to have it off the To-Watch Pile.Worth a rental.

Keith C (br) wrote: A decent core concept that's brought down by an array of bad ideas. The 80's had a weird trend of making R-rated movies that were in many ways aimed at children (the Rambo sequels, the first 2 RoboCops, much of the slasher craze), RoboCop 3 is perhaps an inevitable by-product of that era, a bloodless entry in a franchise once full of carnage.Certainly, there are other issues here. There is much less humour and much more (daftly executed) sentimentality, awful performances (save some decent work from Rip Thorn who's doing what he always does), and did we really need an obnoxious kid hacker who does considerably more than the titular character?

Daniel W (ag) wrote: monster + boobies = win

Justin B (ru) wrote: You'd expect the body count to be higher given how trashy everything else is but it's a fun time if you don't mind slower paced exploitation.

Maksim B (ag) wrote: Walking Tall is a typical Dwayne Johnson action movie which hugely relies on his charisma as a wrestler-turned-actor without offering much of content or a story. Clichd, unable to offer any thrills and unnecessarily focused on social and sentimental elements, this is a delivery that can be watched and followed with the half of you attention without missing anything important.Chris Vaughn (Dwayne Johnson) is a former Special Forces member who returns to his town, family and friends after years of service only to discover that the place where he grew up has changed. A local casino, managed by a friend of him, has become the main economic force in the town despite some questionable and potentially illegal practices. When Vaughn decides to go against the establishment he puts not only his life, but also the ones of his family and friends at risk. Usually such type of small-life, town-based actions are all predictable and rely hugely on good acting or social message that can increase the overall emotional load and involve the audience beyond just the average following of the fighting sequences. Unfortunately, Walking Tall offers none of these two elements. It is true that Dwayne Johnson is somehow capable to bear the whole production on his shoulders thanks to his action charisma, but to his disappointment (and ours, as well) neither the remaining cast nor the social context are worth being followed. Director Kevin Bray's movie feel as if you are watching something of which if you miss 5 minutes you will actually miss nothing. This makes Walking Tall an OK Sunday afternoon TV distraction, but even when on the TV you will not be fully captivated by it.

Greg R (br) wrote: Not a perfect film, but I really enjoy the imagination, puppets, visuals and memorable characters who all have a real charm to them. It's a great movie and I highly recommend checking it out.

Tasos L (gb) wrote: This doll can really creep you out....