My Heart of Darkness

My Heart of Darkness

Four war-veterans, from different sides, step onto a boat at the mouth of the Kwando river, deep within the African interior. They are on a journey back to the battlefield, the site of the last "great" battle of the Cold War - its inconclusive and a very secret Armageddon, where they as youngsters, once tried to kill each other. But now, twenty years later, they've come together as former enemies, a new unit of disparate souls joined together not only by the common haunting of war trauma, but also by their need to understand, to reconcile, to forgive.

Four war-veterans, former enemies journey back to past battlefields deep within the African interior in search of reconciliation, forgiveness and ... atonement? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Weiting T (us) wrote: The old leon's summertime.

Kyle B (de) wrote: Kristen Wiig is outstanding. Words that don't shock me when I talk about a comedy but she gives such a subtle performance that really proves she is turning out to be one of our most versatile actresses these days. Along with The Skeleton Twins, which for the record she's better in because she balances comedy and drama, it washes away my worries that Girl Most Likely left me with. Nick Nolte is good as well as Haliee Steinfeld.

Jon B (jp) wrote: acting great i believe other get pay giving this low review

JessicaSamuel M (au) wrote: isn't a horror. just a parking attendant that stocks people

Lee B (gb) wrote: I?ve stalled with watching this for a long time because it just didn?t seem good, but I?m a fan of Kilmer and possible fan of Oksana, so it stayed in queue for a long time. I bumped it up finally. And I can?t say I was disappointed, because I didn?t expect much. And it still underdelivered. And too much blue filter in the above ground scenes. I get it. Stop it.A strange aside, Vincent Gallo plays a priest in this movie. Was this casting a joke because he?s been in movies like Trouble Every Day and made Chloe Sevigny go down on him on film? Not to mention this priest is in a wholly illogical and inappropriate relationship angle. Kilmer plays the guardian to the Moscow underground and gets the accent down pretty good but seems like he just wanted a free trip to Spain to film the movie. Poor Lilya didn?t even learn enough English for the movie, as she speaks Russian most of the time to her costars who speak English back like they understand everything perfectly. And the movie isn?t scary at all. There are a couple of creepy moments, but not nearly enough to carry on, which makes this very boring. The digital camera fun house POV shots aren?t explained right away, which makes you wonder if it was an added effect at first. And the ending doesn?t bring closure to much. Oh, and this movie has Sage Stallone in it. I don?t remember him having a line in it, but it was hard to stay awake during this movie.Pass.

(de) wrote: good movie and very nice music by A.R. Rahman!

Cassandra M (ru) wrote: Bad, bad idea for a follow-up to the original. Like "Highlander 2," this one is best forgotten.The only link to the original is the name, and a reference to a former college student named an art college, of all places.Alyssa Milano tried to pull off the good girl to bad girl to good girl transition, but it just wasn't that convincing. And to try and boost her career by having multiple sex scenes was a sorry way to do it. Really, who thinks of this film when they hear her name? I gave it an extra star just because I liked her as a child star on "Who's the Boss?" Unlike the original, there's not a lot of suspense via cinematography. Instead, they opted for multiple nude / sex scenes. Honestly, if that's what you want in a film, you're better off renting a porno...the acting will be better.If it wasn't for the fact that I like to keep things in sets, I'd give this DVD away. If all you want is to see Alyssa Milano naked, then you'll enjoy this film. Otherwise...

Juha E (br) wrote: What a borer. The worst Chuck Norris film I've seen so far. Too much lousy drama and not enough action. And the villain is more than ridiculous.

Shannon M (jp) wrote: This film reminded me of why I love cult films of the sixties, and also that Anthony Perkins was a great actor. So good at playing the tortured character! A movie like this could not be made today without uproar - a sex scene between a crazy man and a high school girl? The abusive mother, played by Beverly Garland, adds a gritty and necessary touch. And Tuesday Weld is sexy and, well, you just need to see it to believe its weirdness. A little gem of a psychological thriller.