My House in Umbria

My House in Umbria

Emily Delahunty (Maggie Smith) is an eccentric British romance novelist who lives in Umbria in central Italy. One day while travelling, the train she is on is bombed by terrorists. After she wakes up in a hospital, she invites three of the other survivors of the disaster to stay at her Italian villa for recuperation. Of these are The General, a retired British Army veteran, Werner, a young German man, and Aimee, a young American girl who has now become mute after her parents were both killed in the explosion.

An unlikely group of people find solace and friendship after being thrown together in the wake of a terrorist attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (gb) wrote: Strange movie, confusing and odd connection

Chase R (au) wrote: This by far my favorite WWII narrative that Spielberg and Hanks have come up with. This series is about 3 soldiers experience of fighting in WWII in the Pacific. If you compare this with Hanks and Spielberg last two WWII projects, the characters in this have a lot more emotional depth to them, and the cinematography and music is better. The battle scenes are also amazing too. However, this does suffer from uninteresting cliche Hollywood moments. Some of the soldiers do give off persona of the good ole patriotic WWII soldier, which has been done about ten million times in film and TV. However it is not as bad in this, as it was in Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. It is also interesting to see how Spielberg and Hanks idea of the WWII has changed from being necessary and patriotic, to a more deeper emotional heartbreaking moment in world history.

Ben B (fr) wrote: I was very skeptical upon watching 8 Below. Don't get me wrong, Disney, Paul Walker, and Siberian Huskies in the same picture? Sounds perfect, but I kept thinking of the Air Bud sequels and just how gut-wrenchingly terrible they were. The story is set in Antarctica with Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker), a guide who's asked by a scientist to lead what was originally going to be a safe expedition but turns treacherous as only him and his sled dogs can traverse the terrain. Due to complications, the entire crew is forced to evacuate due to weather conditions leaving the sled dogs to fight for their lives in the Antarctic tundra as Shepard attempts to fight through obstacles to make his way back to his sled team.The acting in this film was filled with all around great performances with Paul Walker, once again proving why he's one of the best in the business. There are 2 types of successful actors: those who are great at taking on roles of other people to perfection and those that play the roles of themselves as their character is already perfect for the roles. This is the same Paul Walker that made the Fast and the Furious series so genuine and unique! Paul's a fun, family oriented, love what he does kind of guy that is quick on his feet and if you loved any of Walker's acting roles, you'll love this as well. The supporting cast does a great job of bringing everything together. Bruce Greenwood plays a very convincingly headstrong scientist while Mood Bloodgood played her role as a helicopter pilot, ex fling with a still secret soft spot for her ex, Paul Walker. Jason Biggs character can be a little over the top at times but is good for some comic relief. It is still so hard to not be reminded of American Pie every time I see Biggs. The most important actors of the movie which has gone unmentioned until now, however are the dogs.The shining force that sets this film apart is Paul Walker and his sled team. Scenes where the only dialogue are the surroundings, actions and communication the dogs make communicate more than words. Coming from an owner of 3 beautiful huskies, the depiction of the character, personality, and selflessness of the pups are spot on. Paul Walker acts out his role to perfection as his love for these dogs is as genuine as possible and makes me wish I was home holding my own pups close! If you're a dog lover in general, this movie is a must see!

Joseph R (jp) wrote: Lots of people don't like movies that make them think these days or see the reality of what is going on around them. I guess that thats why there are visionary's to poke fun at themselves in the name of pointing out the truth.No self indulgence here. Dylan doesnt make himself come across as though he is anything other than a modest man who has seen the forest and the tree's and has been sentenced to imprisonment for having done so. Great, great movie. Some may ring true of our world and some may not. It's a movie. But if you are open to it's themes and what it is trying to say, you might just take something away from it.

Richard B (ag) wrote: So my buddy, who loves music, suggested we watch this movie and I wasn't for sure what I was in for. I did enjoy the film quite a bit and really liked how it broke the 4th wall (often times I dislike this, but here it worked great). Steve Coogen was great in this and really carried the film. I actually learned a lot about punk and new wave music and how it started in Manchester. Overall a pretty entertaining film that I enjoyed for the most part.

Joshua R (de) wrote: A totally underrated movie that I wish Hollywood would make more of! The type of dark comedy that has no morals and no happy ending! I Loved it! A-

Al M (kr) wrote: Even at only 98 minutes long, Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kioarostami's Taste of Cherry is a slow film, but its languid development represents its plot about a man who can no longer take the slow-building horror of existence and tries to find someone who will agree to bury him after he commits suicide. Unfortunately, Kiarostami spoils what could have been a perfect ending by attempting to "meta" or "postmodern" or "self-reflexive" and to close by zooming out to show the film being made. This rather tired device somewhat ruins what could have otherwise been a pitch-perfect exploration of alienation, which Kiarostami epitomizes with the experience of driving in a car. In a car, we are a part of our surroundings, but we are also cut off from them, and this is ultimately the experience that Mr. Badii wants to see end.

Vincent T (jp) wrote: Film d'action qui prend place dans le milieu des parachutistes.Apres Soleil Levant et Demolition Man, on retrouve un Snipes en flic determine et un Gary Busey en mechant psychotique.Les sequences en chute libre sont bien filmees mais le scenar est loin d'etre passionnant.

Ian M (ca) wrote: Excellent and highly enjoyable; one of Fellini's very best.

Edward Y (de) wrote: This movie is so bad and stupid that is actually funny and very entertaining to watch. Stupid dialogue, horrible special effects, and a dumb script, makes this, a masterpiece of bad movies !!!