My Kingdom

My Kingdom

Modern story inspired by King Lear set in contemporary Liverpool.

Modern story inspired by King Lear set in contemporary Liverpool. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


My Kingdom torrent reviews

Kate D (mx) wrote: A bit overblown with the evil American CDC officials planning to blow up the city, but a pretty darn exciting movie.

Neil Mikel L (gb) wrote: I expected more from the brood of David Cronenberg.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: A savvy filmmaker still needs a decent script. Cronenberg has more talent in his little finger than a school full of trained hacks, but the story here? Meh, not so much. It could've used more gell time maybe (as the ideas are sound sci-fi, no doubt). I'll be looking for more from this guy in the future.

Sirena G (it) wrote: I love him and this movie

Bradley R (fr) wrote: Janet is quite brilliant although not Oscar material yet...

John T (gb) wrote: Pretty good documentary about the Runaways. A bit disturbing. It goes into a lot of the abuse of the manager. It was neat to see this after seeing the Runaways movie. I liked seeing the true accounts from the actual members. And they did a good job of putting the music throughout it. This documentary did need Joan Jett. Not sure why they didn't try harder to get an interview with her...

Jonathan G (jp) wrote: So this time around it fixes the problem from the second one it has a interesting story and actually has intense moments at time it silly but the critters are amazing has some awesome moments of in the film overall if you want to watch a stupid horror movie with a good plot this one is for you

Robin P (mx) wrote: My favorite movie of all !

Ricardo C (au) wrote: No ganha muitos pontos pela originalidade, mas o que pede emprestado de outros filmes posto a bom uso e no sendo o argumento uma adaptao de BD mas sim criado pelo realizador, Sam Raimi proporciona uma experincia semelhante ao Batman de Tim Burton (no fosse a banda sonora tambm da autoria de Danny Elfman) mas com os seus toques caractersticos de modo a diferenci-lo dos demais. No revoluciona o gnero de nenhuma maneira, pois Raimi s o iria fazer 10 anos mais tarde na realizao de "Spider-Man", sendo "Darkman" o notrio prottipo desse filme.

Erik B (au) wrote: The first one was much better than Happy Feet Two.

Kyle W (nl) wrote: This film changed horror. It's thrilling, it's true art, it's simple and brilliant. In my opinion, it's better to view it as a stand alone tale as the rest of the franchise truly disappoints. Still one of my all-time favourite films.

Daniel D (de) wrote: Unique, funny personalities make this movie special. True, an overextended series, but I really liked this movie.

Leonardo Malacay S (gb) wrote: Esta por su temtica y a pesar de ella tambin es perfecta para navidad. Tiene momentos muy bueno y otros no tanto pero en general resulta una buena pelcula.