My Lady Margarine

My Lady Margarine

An American heiress seeks the hand of an impoverished German prince. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim L (gb) wrote: This is the worst film made in the past 5 years! I am not sure how to give it zero stars, so I give it 1/2 a star.

Etienne R (us) wrote: I gotta say, this was actually a really fun movie. I haven't seen many Scooby Doo movies in quite a while, so I decided to watch a few. Saw Zombie Island, thought it was pretty good, came to watch this one next literally just because you get to see Daphne and Velma in swimsuits and I'm a lecherous lil' shit like that. I was wonderfully surprised by some monsters that, while not original, are actually executed really well and feel like they mean business, as well as gorgeous animation (even with the 3D CGI vehicals!) and some of the funniest Scooby Doo dialogue I've ever hears. You can actually find out exactly what's going on a good few minutes before the gang does, and most likely will, and the twist is wonderfully silly. Might be a little scary for really young kids, but even without a boat load of adult jokes, I, as a guy in his late teens, thought it really stood up by itself even for my tastes! If you've got 7-11 year olds, watch it, even if you don't, watch it, it's really fun.

Tremiyuh W (br) wrote: I love the HD crew I love u mariaand the rest of your crew

Natasa R (ag) wrote: To je to. Ovo ja zovem odlicnim filmom.

Robert S (ag) wrote: African American Frat & Soro depiction

gipilix (ag) wrote: liked the open ending... :)

Adam D (de) wrote: a very good western movie even if it was not a sucess at the box office.Beautiful horses in movie to.

Peter F (br) wrote: A film that has become both dated and an interesting curio for it's time. It's hardly original, but it does seem to comprehend middle-American life, and Peter Yates directs the film in a spirited sense that John Hughes possibly picked up a few years later. I've often been of the opinion that some of the best films about teen-life in the 70s came out after the decade (i.e. Dazed and Confused), but this is certainly one of the more authentic and enjoyable ones.

Manpreet R (de) wrote: It was an alright movie a lot of random meaningless deaths and i get that it suppose to fuel the story but it could have been done another way. Salma Hayeks hottness factored into my rating as well.

Theo M (ru) wrote: The best installment in the franchise. A neat action/thriller flick with a great cast-member team up.

Logan H (ag) wrote: No were close to as funny as the second one