My Last Five Girlfriends

My Last Five Girlfriends

My Last Five Girlfriends traces the romantic journey of thirtysomething bachelor Duncan. As the film opens, the despondent Duncan is apparently preparing to take his own life, but not before taking the time to send a message to the last five women he dated. Taking the form of a whirlwind tour through Duncan World, the film is a comedic exploration of his failed relationships.

Duncan navigates the unsteady world of romance and relationships, going through five girlfriends in four years. Unfortunately, none of them turn out well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob S (nl) wrote: Turned it off halfway through

Jesse L (br) wrote: better than i thought it would be, in that it was hilarious

Paul D (es) wrote: A latter day Francis Ford Coppola, and not a patch on his earlier classics. This is poorly written by him and the fairly incoherent story offers very little stimulus for a horror-mystery.

DJ J (ca) wrote: Pretty funny at times, but was still overall too silly for my tastes.

Jackie (de) wrote: A really moving movie

Sam M (nl) wrote: Very close to redeeming for a fresh rating, but more of a laughable failure.

Scott H (kr) wrote: One of Paul Thomas Anderson's better movies, though it still is full of his usual faults - overly long, too many characters, redundant sequences and an over-the-top and completely obvious commentary and message. It's mildly entertaining, has some really funny scenes and features some great performances, but it never finds a balance or gains a focus on what its tone is, and the camera work is average at best.

Marc G (us) wrote: Holy shit was this hilarious. Unintentional, I guess, but hilarious nonetheless. It features these moments of pure hilarity: a guy in his underwear torturing a topless girl until she pisses herself by performing wrestling maneuvers such as the Piledriver and the Sharpshooter, the funniest standing 69 ever and last but not least, a woman furiously masturbating with a severed arm.

Jennifer H (es) wrote: I cannot yet decide if this movie had it's romantic charm or if it hung on the edge of creepy playfulness. Lili stars Leslie Caron, who in my opinion was very talented but not gorgeous, and Mel Ferrer who never had a decent role in a successful movie ever. By watching this film, you might begin to understand why Leslie was limited in her movie roles and why Mel did little to impress me. The film, an international romance, weaves together the young and shy orphan (Caron), inexperienced with the world, with her not so mighty hero (Ferrer) who does best expressing himself through his puppets. The sounds soften and the music builds every time Ferrer speaks to Caron, but beyond that, it is hard to assume that the two are falling in love. Ferrer hardly smiles, hunches his back to the world, and argues with Caron constantly because he's jealous of her affections for another circus entertainer. Caron, as you might notice, has a permanent smile on her face which makes it hard to understand her emotions when she means to be distressed. The chemistry was not impressive as both characters appeared to never truly fall in love with the other. I will give credit where credit is due. The story is a wonderful story of insecure love. How often does one hear of a puppeteer who romances lady-love with his characters in his circus puppet act? And if you have happened to actually hear that story, how often does lady-love return that affection even though she cannot she the face behind the puppets? I think it would be hard to be romanced by talking dolls. It's not normal for puppets to speak to individuals in the crowd or by oneself. Normally fear and panic arise when a puppet comes to life and speaks out. But not Lili, no, she finds comfort and friendship in the four puppets of the Paris carnival. She finds so much comfort in the puppets that she dances with them in a vision. As each puppet steps up to dance, the figure of the puppet fads and the forlorn image of Ferrer replaces the happy caricature. And this is when Leslie finds love. And she runs into the arms of the dreary faced, but happy, Mel at the end of the movie and they are happy to be together. It's truly too dramatic for such a simplistic tale of boy meets girl. The movie did not and has not received any awards but did gain notice for it's musical score. I believe you should watch this film to say that you've seen it. It is a Parisian film, which is different than what Hollywood creates, so be patient and open your mind to different tastes, different emotions, and a different definition of love (that's a must).

morgan d (nl) wrote: I really want to seeeeeeeee please please amazing but can find it anywhere but hereeee

Will B (kr) wrote: Possibly the greatest movie where mosquitoes drink the blood of alien corpses and become giant mutants attacking a small community ever?

Valentin G (au) wrote: While the film has entertaining moments, and some CGI work that is decent, this is basically a stiffly-acted vehicle for the amusement of the Brooklyn hip crowd. I saw it at the Nighthawk in Brooklyn, and had to endure the loud laughter at every (very unfunny) 'in' joke and clapping at every Brooklyn reference. I came away thinking that if this is what this generation considers stressful work, we're in for a rough ride! The ending was also incredibly predictable. Basically, when people who are convinced they are way too cool make movies for others of their ilk,Mathis is what you get.