My Letter to George

My Letter to George

An orphaned New Zealand girl married to an older, wealthy businessman learns to deal with his strange sexual desires.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   boat,   servant,  

An orphaned New Zealand girl married to an older, wealthy businessman learns to deal with his strange sexual desires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (es) wrote: With an excellent direction by Karl Markovics (who also wrote the script and starred in The Counterfeiters), this is a moving drama that follows a nuanced and well-constructed character played impressively well by the so far unknown but very talented Thomas Schubert.

Tonya V (ru) wrote: A little bit too sick and twisted for me.

Koeman L (ag) wrote: Sometimes it's better to go watch a movie without any expectations & be pleasantly surprised. This was exactly wat happened. It's sleazy title aside, this is actually a heartwarming comedy with lotsa laughs in between. I luv the chemistry between Cha Tae-hyeon (My Sassy Girlfriend) & the kid the most. Highly recommended!

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Certainly not the best Bond film, but it has its moments of fun

sheri s (au) wrote: Better than I expected.

William F (it) wrote: Jack Black's most crude work ever.

Carly M (br) wrote: an hour and a half of my life I'll never have back

Daniel G (de) wrote: if mood and imagery were what the film completed itself as this would hit peak. it's as if the rest of the film were trying to keep up with its visual design, and those elements don't succeed.

Zack T (fr) wrote: Fantastic portayal of a fascinating and little known country. Beautiful and riveting.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Okay, it's a guilty pleasure of mine, I've seen this movie a ton of times when I was little. It's probaly Pauly Shore's least annoying performance, mainly due to the great and very odd ensemble. You've got Brian Doyle Murray, Shelley Winters, Abe Vigoda, Stanley Tucci, and Charlies Napier, among others. It's a stupid plot, stupid jokes, and stupid scenes, but I can't help it, I laugh at it. And hey, Stanley Tucci is a better villain here than he is in Lovely Bones (sorry for the spoiler, I know you're all dying to see Jury Duty), the asbestos scene is priceless. So yeah, don't bother seeing it unless you can tolerate Pauly Shore and like very stupid comedy.

Minna S (gb) wrote: Leslie Nielsen in The Exorcist parody, once again tipped by my bro. I watched the original a long time ago but since the plot is about the possessed girl being repossessed as an adult, there's no need to remember everything. A lot of gags, only few of them are good. There are many things and costumes I really wouldn't have wanted a 60-year-old man to do and wear...

Brad G (mx) wrote: Written by the creator of Star Trek and directed by the man behind Barbarella, Pretty Maids All In A Row is a fascinating film oddity about John David Carson's sexual education under the tutelage of Rock Hudson's deviant athletic coach and Angie Dickinson's criminally sexy substitute teacher. Plus there are a series of Agatha Christie-like murders popping up all over the school! Fun bit turns from Telly Savalas, Roddy Mcdowall, James Doohan and Keenan Wynn ensure that the film is never boring and its splendidly unPC vibe makes for entertaining night at the movies. VF.

Chris H (br) wrote: It's 44 years old, now. Movies have really evolved because this is very boring and tedious. Jack Nicholson, of course is the best part of the movie.

Mackenie S (mx) wrote: I like the part when Joan Crawford kills herself. By the way, I do like Joan Crawford.

Guido S (au) wrote: An autistic boy cracks a code in a magazine, so the NSA kills his family and is after him. This could have been a good movie, but the film starts to get ridiculous and unbelievable quick and never turns it around. Bruce Willis is ok, but he is forgetable. Alec Baldwin as the evil NSA guy is a really out of place casting. Even though I just watched it, this movie is incredibly forgettable.

Eric H (us) wrote: Fluff. Only Mike Meyers delivers, and that's not saying much. Ryan Phillippe can't act, Neve Campbell is forgettable, Salma Hayek wasted. The script is average at best, the story gives just a glimpse into the world of Studio 54, but doesn't really bring the world's most famous nightclub, or the era morefor that matter, to life. The soundtrack is a travesty considering all the great disco hits they overlooked. Too bad, as there had to be fodder for one he!! of a story here.