My Little Bride

My Little Bride

A teenage girl tries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forces her into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties.

A teenage girl tries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forces her into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Nathan D (de) wrote: this is hilarious. below the radar awesomeness.

Johny M (it) wrote: The idea was good, but the result wasn't so good. There's only two things that I enjoyed in this movie: the lightening in some shots and Neil Patrick Harris' acting.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: Sure, "Shooter" has a lot of problems with it, but there is still enough thrilling action sequences and plot twists with a compelling performance by Mark Wahlberg to be worthy of one watch.

Leo S (nl) wrote: nilai jualnya di Asia Argento n Kelly Lin doang. kaget liat Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth maen di sini. n ternyata tante Kim mayan sering maen pelem juga...

Doug D (ca) wrote: Every time I watch this I feel a new appreciation for how mentally fucked up these guys are/were especially Kim and David and yet the amazing things they produced together. They are simultaneously one of the 'worst' and best bands in history.

Rory B (ru) wrote: It's a great comedy and a personal favourite. Strong in it's comedy and storytelling.

Ville H (it) wrote: voihan star wars! :)

Cesar J (de) wrote: I will admit, the special effects in this film are not that great; most of the time, Herbie looks like plastic and/or rubber. And the story is kind of clichd; it's just like every racing sports movie ever made. But I still think it's decent. I would gladly watch it again.

Kaj H (de) wrote: Rtt s informativ, men labil och oprecis. Det gamla paret Sibelius skildras patetiskt.

Jena G (us) wrote: My god, Kirsten Dunst's accent was HORRIBLE.

Andrew L (de) wrote: Wonderfully warped comedy. Probably Gilliam's most easy to watch film.

Andrew V (it) wrote: I think it focused more on the martial arts than having an actual story(which is well choreographed btw), but Jackie Chan is hilarious in this stands out the most. As well as yuen Siu tien. I'd say yes

Mike D (br) wrote: abbott and costello are amazing.

Jason M (ca) wrote: Excellent movie...Just be prepared because it's pretty slow, drags on a bit, and becomes predictable....Modern remake of the classic. The concept stays true to the main story. Acting and directing are pretty good. No graphic or scary parts in this movie as it is a psychological thriller. Probably could have used some more blood and gore, but it's still good. You don't really see the transformation between the two, all you see is either the beginning or the withdrawal...The last 30 minutes of the movie are very predictable, especially the very typical ending...Good to rent on for 2 bucks or so...

Cecily B (ag) wrote: one of my favorite lines of the movie " You don't even get laid in your dreams? That's just sad!" I really liked the idea for this movie and the way that they did it. There were a few things that didn't quite add up for me but I like that they didn't spend a lot of time on the why or the how and just concentrated on the love story. Ending was nice too.

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