My Little Sweet Pea

My Little Sweet Pea

It isn't easy to find a dream to chase when you're young, but Mugiko (Maki Horikita) has one: she can't wait to become an anime voice actress. Saving up for classes while she works part time in a manga store, she lives with her older, gambler brother (Ryuhei Matsuda) after her father's death. When the mother (Kimiko Yo) she never knew turns up out of nowhere and moves in, it only causes irritation for the aspiring otaku. But when her mother just as quickly disappears, it leaves Mugiko (or "Sweet Pea") searching for answers, bringing her back to her mother's hometown to discover what happened to her mother's own dream. Featuring fun animated sequences produced especially for the film by renowned studio Production I.G ("Ghost in the Shell," "Blood: The Last Vampire"), "My Little Sweet Pea" boasts hilarious and moving performances, with director Keisuke Yoshida's signature comic timing and snappy dialogue.

Since her father died, Mugiko lives with her older brother. Her mother Ayako left home when Mugiko was little. Mugiko has not heard from her mother since that time. But one day, her mother ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (jp) wrote: Disappointing horror as a new family settle into a new town only for the locals to have other ideas. Not properly explained how the demon got there in the first place, and the shocking parts aren't that shocking.

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Haruka K (ca) wrote: Jamie Kennedy did a great job in it.

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Walter M (kr) wrote: "Born in 68" starts in the heady days of student protests of May 1968. Catherine(Laetitia Casta) has other things on her mind as she has an illegal abortion after having been knocked up by Yves(Yannick Renier) and/or Herve(Yann Tregouet). There are complications and she is rushed to a hospital by her friend Caroline(Kate Moran) while the guys distract the police. While recuperating at home, Catherine hides Jeremie, a draft dodger, from the police. After things have calmed down, he informs the group of a farm in the country where they can start a commune and Catherine and Yves can start a family. However, Maryse(Christine Citti), a perplexed but friendly neighbor, informs them that Jeremie may not have been entirely forthright... "Born in 68" is a multigenerational epic that tells a political story of France from 1968 to the present day, as the years skip by in a flash, in personal terms. In days of conflict, violence, which never solved anything, lurks in all corners, from police, temptation and the past. Even as a larger revolution may have failed, other changes were more successful as the idea of self-determination was defined as being more than just about the ballot box, especially on the subject of abortion and gay rights.(Knowing little of French political history, I had previously assumed that French presidents were all left of center until Sarkozy. Maybe it's all a matter of perspective.) The movie does not sugargoat the experience of commune life(a reminder of how hard it is to get a unanimous consensus on anything), even with free love and naked frolicking going on, so relax. As the characters' destinies are laid out, I would still have liked to know what happened to Caroline since she is a central part of the early story.

Diego T (es) wrote: This is the film that warned us to stay away from Paranoia.

Adam S (jp) wrote: One of the best Spanish language films I've seen since El secreto de los ojos. Amazing story about a really sad war in El Salvador.

Andrew D (nl) wrote: A filmmaker's wet dream.Memento isn't for a small-minded audience, it's only for those who have the will to crack the code, and oh boy is there a code to crack.Nolan is Great, that's a universal truth, everyone knows that by now, but this earlier entry, one of his most under-looked, was probably one of his best. Extremely well written, and impeccably crafted, Memento is an achievement in the finest technical sense, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Cory J (br) wrote: Haha this movie is weird and corny in some parts you just have to laugh.

StarrySparkles (ag) wrote: Two lonely friendless disturbed by chance...and together they're dangerous. They feed off each others craziness and lies and manic behaviors. and kill just because they are bored and wanted something "fun" to do. It's a good movie.

Caleb M (au) wrote: Charles Napier is a complete badass. You've seen him in Silence of the Lambs (he was one of the cops in the scene where Lector escapes from his makeshift cell) and other big productions, but you probably don't know who he is, and you've never seen him in a starring role. Deep Space is an Earthbound Alien knockoff, but it's an entertainingly bad one, and for something only available on VHS, it's a great late-night trashfest.

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Chris (es) wrote: If you like Sam Raimi's brand of humor, you'll love this.

Dirk R (br) wrote: No doubt, one of the most fun movies released in 1979. An all-star cast put in memorable, if not a little predictable, performances. Hilarious and heartwarming. The loss of a mascot and surprise ending make it time well spent. tame by today's standards, it can be enjoyed by those 10 and up. This film has yet to be released to DVD, but bootlegs and original VHS copies are available.

John D (it) wrote: Good production standards let down by some amateur factual errors. Not one of Robert's stronger performances either, as he looks like he would rather be elsewhere. He still gives it a noble shot though.

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