My Murder

My Murder

A chance meeting with a girl leads to murder as a teenage boy is engulfed by a web of lies in this innovative and gripping factual drama. My Murder tells the true story of Shakilus Townsend, a 16-year-old boy who was led to his death by the 15-year-old he thought of as his girlfriend, in what became known as the honey trap killing.

In 2008 London teenager Shakilus Townsend determines to put his delinquent past behind him and turn his life around,hoping that new girl-friend Samantha Joseph will help him. Whilst he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (es) wrote: In "Bird People," Gary Newman(Josh Charles) arrives in Paris for a meeting that goes well enough. It is that night when things start to not go so well for him. It turns out that his sleeplessness is not just jet lag, as it proceeds to anxiety. But he soon finds comfort in a cigarette with Simon(Roschdy Zem) who works the front desk. The following day Gary does not get on the plane for Dubai as originally planned, setting in motion a chain of events that includes his immediate resignation from his job. In the meantime, Audrey(Anais Demoustier) goes about her duties as a maid without any idea of this, after having left university. There is a thin line between inspired and magical and just pure bonkers. With her film "Bird People," director Pascale Ferran manages to walk that line well enough, while also conveying multiple points of view. Those concern the various and sundry people at an airport hotel, especially those workers invisible even when in plain sight. It is only the lucky like Gary who are able to choose how long they stay or simply move on. To his credit, there may be more to Gary than just an empty suit, even if he drinks and smokes too much, as least judging by his reading material of JG Ballard who reportedly wrote about alienation not unlike some of which we see here. On the other hand, the movie does say it is okay to be alone, and that one cannot live on Toblerones alone.

Millo T (ru) wrote: It combines the humour that would come from a Wilder movie, with the funny plot of Jewishes trying to look like Nazis but asking for kosher food, and accused by their own partners of being Nazis, but after the discussion they all pray together. In this fake deportation train, even comunism starts to appear, but political and sentimental questions get crossed. Very funny, funny film, with a clever sense of humour, and some unforgettable touchs of lyrism (towns fool is magnificient). A little jewel for our eyes.

Eric T (br) wrote: Different. Felt like a film noir. I enjoyed the characters, and was able to identify with the protagonist. certainly worth taking a chance on.

Lee M (us) wrote: A painful and very effective tale about the destructive power of abuse, rape, alcoholism, and violence in general that easily transcends its New Zealand origin.

Jeremy M (ag) wrote: 20 years later...and still awesome!!

Freeman C (fr) wrote: DVD for this also XD

Donald Z (es) wrote: This might have been the best movie I've ever seen. "Underrated" is probably not even a strong enough word here, so make one up and use that one instead to describe how important this movie is to see.

Cecilie B (br) wrote: The Italian film director Ettore Scola was fed up with poor people being portraited on film as nice and caring - he meant that people who live at the bottom of society in the poorest and dirtiest circumstances, normally reflect the life they are living, and that is what he wanted to show with this film. We follow a family of about 20 people, from four generations, all living under the same roof in a dump on the outskirts of Rome. And they are NOT nice people, any of them! The film is both funny, tragic and disturbing, but so unreal in its realistic way that you don't really know whether to laugh or be disgusted. The film has several similarities to Federico Fellini's filmmaking, but is more over the top. It's a very good and bizarre film and brilliantly acted, especially by the protagonist.

Rob R (it) wrote: Incest, homosexuality, religious-inspired homophobia, lesbianism, bestiality, sex, sex, sex, sex, sadism, accidental/deliberate deaths, and rape

Eric C (br) wrote: The first half was mediocre and boring (even with some of the best music ever - including a recording of "Wild Horses," which was just way too soon to watch coming less than a week after Flacco's pass sailed over Rahim Moore's head). The second half was absolutely riveting with all the hippies arriving at Altamont. Even knowing what was coming to some extent due to my knowledge of pop culture history, it was still shocking to see the famous event unfold on screen as the tension built and the crowd and Angels kept scuffling and being chippy. It was fascinating. I can't believe the directors lucked into the footage (if having footage of a stabbing can be called luck). And they did a phenomenal job of editing the second half. They show footage with no commentary and let the events speak for themselves. Very powerful. Five stars for the last half, 2 1/2 for the first for an overall of four stars. So my advice is to listen to the first half and watch the second. You won't regret it.

Emerald R (kr) wrote: Four brothers is a good by the numbers action movie with just enough story and character development to keep you interested and the right amount of twists/red herrings to make it smart but never trying to be to clever. The movie follows the seemingly random killing of a sweet old woman who just happens to have fostered four of the biggest f**k up hard men you could imagine. As the brothers look into the circumstances of her death they realize her death was not random but orchestrated and covered up by gangsters and cops alike. This movie was never going to trouble the Oscar committee but its a solid 109 minutes of action/revenge movie. featured on Emerald Reprobates pod-cast episode 60

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